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I was looking for something to go over my bifocals and this was the right choice. I tried the yellow lens and they worked great at night the halo effect around the lights went away. I really bought the yellow ones for my wife who says she has trouble driving at night and I think these will help.
It was good to see the different sizes and now I keep them on the car for my wife and I to share.
I love these glasses. Originally, I bought them for driving at night, but now I use them all the time. I've always had a problem driving at night with the blur of the lights and drivers behind me with the led lights now. With these glasses I can drive at piece knowing I can see my surroundings. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.
Best ankle socks I've ever owned!
This was my 3rd order, I ordered the zinc, from the picture is appears they are of the blue line, they arrived
as charcoal or black to me, with a bright lime color on the zipper pocket, weird! wish it was mentioned! See picture.
This skull cap is far looser than others I have tried, which is good for me - hat size 7.5. It fits and I think it looks good. The only downside is, if you get plain black or white, people will assume you are wearing it for religious reasons. It does very much look like a Muslim hat called a Kufi. I will wear this around the house but might get a different one for wearing out.
Finally a Undershirt thats is comfortable for a big man, and stays tucked in
Did not care for this bag at all...tho the size was nice, the strap was long enough and wide, and there were multiple zippered pockets.....the bag seemed more like an insulated lunch bag. There was a large metal emblem on the front that had Chinese writing and was not securely fastened...and two of the zippers were difficult to slide.
I returned the bag for a full refund.
Not too compact and good enough to hold cash, cards and even Swiss Kinfe type card.
A little larger than expected, but going one size smaller I worry might be too tight.
Hands down best in the price range
So far so good everything works and my niece loves it she is 7 loves shopkins lol
Very bad quality. These shirts are very heavy and bulky and not suitable for a good undershirt option.
Additionally, the quality of the cotton is not good.

I returned them
Love them. World looks brighter.
Nice company wool socks for year round use. A good deal too.
I got the regular black lenses and they are pretty dark which is good. The frames don't feel like the strongest thing ever but they are holding up fine for me after a few days of use and being in my pocket etc. I think they will last a decent while. I lose sunglasses pretty quickly so I had to find something even cheaper than the 15 dollar Walmart polarized. Thanks amazon and thanks MaxJuli
Great belt- not as stretchy as I thought but a good quality for the price!
Seems to be good quality material. Can't comment on's a gift. Got here quickly. Good job!
Flattering fit. Nice color
Great craftsmanship and quality leather
Well made, great fit!
my son was very pleased , loves the way they wear ,
Brilliant Bright and Blingy
I had to throw them away. They arrived broken.
Great quality, perfect fit! True to size.
Very nice wallet.
My 7 year old daughter loves these. Shes pretty finicky about wearing socks especially if she can feel the inside toe seam.
She says that these socks are just right- not too big, not too small, not too hot, not too...well-you get the idea. :)
So, yes, Im stocking up on these for sure.
These fit me great.
The material feels nice.
Just the right amount of leg length to cuff without a lot of waste.
Awesome shirts, well made and comfortable!