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Given as a gift by my son. It turned in less than 15 days.
These glasses are amazing I absolutely love them. They look amazing. I have not found them to be super helpful at night but maybe thats just me. They are definitely polarized though.
Great billfold by being not to thick but very good quality
Bought for my granddaughter, she loved it! Thanks!!
I am 6'0 and 195 lbs. No gut, and pretty athletic. 40-42 chest, 33 inch waist, and a SMALL fit perfect. You read right. A SMALL. length is below the crotch, and sleeves are wide, but torso is perfect. Best t-shirts ever, but beware of size. I have it in 4 colors, a made in different countries, and despite a 0.5 inch discrepancy among them, small fits me the best. Ironically, the medium in their Sierra and Bartlett jacket fits me best.
Honestly one of my favorite buys from amazon. Used in Paris and loved it
This is the first review Ive ever written on a product. I had my last wallet for many years, loved it...too much. Got worn out and stretched out, to the point where cc simply no longer fit and the internal leather was falling apart. Fast forward to now, my wife got this wallet. Immediately I like it. Leather is smooth, cc fit snugly into the pockets and the trifold is not bulky, as Ive seen with other trifold wallets. Basically it is a thoughtfully constructed high quality handsome product. Im looking forward to many years of use.
Quality incredible!!
Then buy it from The President's website so the Money goes towards the campaign. Don't buy this knock off trash.
It's a perfect bag to take to work! Elegant and compact!!
I love the glasses, and for the money they are a great value, in addition they come with a soft case, a hard case, croakies, and a cleaning towel. what a value, I am buying a second pair to put on the shelf in case I loose these.
Fits great!! Nice product and fabric
They seem good, with the right amount of room.
Very comfortable but unfortunately wearing them w/work shoes, steel toe, composite, etc. The rub against it & rip relatively easy.
Love it!! For essentials, but can fit in larger purse if you need more things. Have bought a second one I love it so much!
Pants stayed up as needed. 5/5.
I thought I'd be a bit environmentally conscious here, but turns out, the material this is made from stinks worse than a dead animal carcass. Also, a bit chunky for even my baggy pants, not to mention my skinny jeans, and I carry in the front pockets. Color and construction is good, just that stench was really off-putting in the end.
Bought many pairs of Balega blister resist socks a few years ago and loved them. These are much thinner, crappy fabric, and have some sort of thicker tab on the back that make them look like elf slippers. I hate when companies change great products. Should have kept making the old design and offered this garbage as a separate product. Done with Balega.
I hate bulky keys, often tossing them to my wife to throw in her purse when we go out. This thing is great. 10 keys fit perfectly with standard extension posts (included) Awesome product.
They are kid of slippery inside my shoes but besides that they be like totally tubular
I purchased this to use as my handbag/diaper bag/carry-all on an extended road trip with kids. It was an awesome choice. The Avenue is light weight yet sturdy, and has an integrated laptop/tablet sleeve in the main pocket that came in handy for corraling my iPad. I paired this with the Baggallini Plaza Mini as my wallet/wristlet and it was great. Organized without being overwhelming with too many little pockets. The crossbody strap made life easy when I needed two free hands, but the shoulder straps were of the perfect length and the strap material didn't slip off my shoulder. Getting the discontinued color at a great price made it even better - green with a butter yellow interior. It has great lines and is spacious without appearing like a shopping bag.
Good price great quality
I won't use this. Will donate it and hope someone else finds a use for it.
Great quality, get a lot of socks, too big for size 9 feet
Shirt works great, I bought it to wear while riding my motorcycle in the sun and heat, it protects my skin from harmful Ray's and it keeps me cool and dry.
Great shirt. Very comfortable and well made.
Pros: these are shirts. They do what shirts do and they do it well. They do not do things shirts shouldn't do that are bad. That is good.

Cons: these are shirts. They do not do what shirts do not do that might be good. That is bad, but quite understandable.

In summary: these are shirts that do what shirts should do. Buy them if you like shirts.
Love it
Just what I was looking for. Would buy them again.