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Item arrived on time and as described.
Love this robe. My daughter wears it every day. Its very soft and colorful.
comfortable and quick drying, just as advertised!
Great fit and good quality.
A+ material
Too small on my face and I don't have a big head. I could feel the frame hinges flex backwards so I returned them.
Very impressed good quality for the price you cant go wrong!
Robe is soft and comfy.
If you're using this for a Halloween costume, and not a typical goth kid or will be small on your wrist.
the fit just a little tight compared to my most recent purchase of fruit of the loom same size last week
These hats are indispensable here in Tx. Absolutely love that they are so comfortable to wear!
Haven't used it outdoors yet, but I appears to be well made. The fit is just slightly large, but I'm bald, so that may affect the fit.
The socks will not stay on my feet - as I walk, they slide down. After 4 or 5 steps I have to pull them up or allow them to fall off. Very aggravating and I think dangerous.
The poorly sewn and laid out so badly it look like the cheap shirt it is.
Had them for a little while now and still holing up good. Plastic seems tough
Great product!!!
For the price it was worth it! I got the black and gray ones.
I love this wallet.
Even cuter than the picture. Not heavy, super cute and shimmery. Love them!
First off, this belt is real leather (with a textured outer layer.) All of the moving parts are made of metal, with the exception to the ratchet teeth on the belt (made of hard, durable, plastic.) The patterns are sophisticated yet not too gawdy. Yes, the buckle's paint will probably scrape off if you scrape the belt against stuff but that literally happens to every belt buckle ever created. After all, belt buckles are not made of Titanium Alloy with a layer of Cerakote paint and they likely never will be lol. Anyways, only time will tell how this belt holds up. So far so good. I don't anticipate the leather cracking over time unless it is folded together sharply several times in the exact same spot.

To release the belt, all you have to do is pull on a lever by the buckle housing; I'm not sure why everyone is saying that it takes a while to get used to. Seriously, it's quicker to put on/take off than a traditional belt.

Another nice touch worth noting is that it includes instructions if you somehow can't figure out how to use the belt. The packaging is also top-notch because it includes individually bagged and protected components within a textured black box with "Dante" embossed on the top.

Lastly, to further help you setup/trim the belt to your waist, the cuttable end has inches marked by increments of 1" so that there is no need to "eyeball it." All you have to do is wear the belt as it comes out of the box, see how much you wanna cut off, take off the buckle, and then cut off the amount.

ONE more important thing, sorry: be sure to use a lighter to get rid of any frayed stitching/strings around the plastic notches or edges of the belt. There might be a small possibility of any hanging strings getting stuck in the belt ratcheting mechanism.

Update: over 2 months later, and this belt is still holding strong. Not a single chip or scratch either on the buckle. This may be due to me being concious of not dragging the buckle/bumping into stuff

Update no. 2: It's been probably close to a year pf me owning this belt and casually wearing it. The belt itself is not tearing or showing any signs of wear and everything is working still, just as it was when brand new. The bezel on the belt buckle is finally starting to get some very minor (and hardly noticeable) chips in the black paint. This is, however, expected because of the belt's age and usage. I would still 10/10 recommend it.
Exactly what Ive been looking for.
Very nice socks for the price
Absolutely perfect. They look just like the picture. Great quality
Love the shorts but wish they didn't have the mesh liner. I cut it out and they are perfect now.
Great Tie. Many compliments at Church.
Adorable. Our granddaughter loves them but they are a little large for her. She is 4 and we got size 4.
Fantastic watch! Very intuitive to set up, great features for the price and feels well made. My 5 year old daughter loves it!
Fits fine, feels good, couldnt find in stores. Will order more.