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Much better
Very nice
I ware a size 12 and they are to small.
Worked as expected.
My b/f still smokes and he only wears t-shirts with pockets.
He's been looking all over. I was so glad I found these and could give them to him for Valentine's. He's thrilled!
Really like that the cap is light weight.
Great item and great fit
I buy these socks every two years when I wear them out. Love them.
Great product the best you can buy
I ordered these not knowing what to expect because its my first time ordering clothes online. These are very comfortable. I'm pleased with the results. I ordered 2 pairs because I need to get back in shape and I'm happy with this purchase.
My husband loves this hate! It keeps his head cool and protects his face from the sun.
Just the right size. Had a chemical smell at first, but that went away after it was out of the packaging.
poor quality
I was happily surprised by the quality of the hat. Its sewn well and the cotton is strong and not thin like I thought it might be. Sits just above my ears which is perfect for my glasses and the buckle is nice because I can adjust it without getting my hair caught in it like a Velcro adjuster. The color is spot on and consistent all around. Super comfortable and highly recommended.
I was looking for a small wallet/purse for just the basics -- keys, cards, money, phone. For the most part, this fills the bill. It came with two straps, one to be used as a wristlet and the other for cross-body or over the shoulder. For the most part, I'm happy with this. The only reason that I didn't give it five stars is that there really isn't any place in it that fits my car key easily. I only have the one key and the change portion of the purse is too small. The slots for the credit cards are a little loose causing the cards to fall out if you accidentally open this upside down.
I am 5'8 avergage weight and build, shirt fit perfectly, pants were a little too short and snug but not enough for me to warrant getting next size up. Very comfortable and light weight!!
The card holders are a little loose in some areas which is frustrating because I cant just place one card there. Overall, I love the product though.
This is one of the most beautiful sparkly necklaces I have ever seen ! I love it . I am in my granddaughter's wedding and will wear it in 3 weeks so I have no pics yet. Don't hesitate to buy it if u like sparkle you will love it .
This is overall a very solid product.

* Soft material
* Nice large hood
* Keeps my face and head warm even in temperatures well below freezing
* Price is excellent for what you get
* Easy to put on
* Excellent style that seems to go well even with clothing of a different color
* It's easy to pull the mask part down so it is just a hood with a high collar

* A little lumpy in places
* The mask part should probably be made out of a different, more breathable material around the mouth, or it will trap moisture
* The mask should probably be more elastic, so that it can fit more snugly on your face. If you're taking it down and putting it up at all, it gets loose, and will sit an inch or three away from your mouth, which kind of defeats the point.
* The soft material attracts dust immediately, which stands out a LOT and is can't be easily brushed off, but almost requires cleaning
* With the mask down, it's hard to get off because the neck hole... Contracts somehow?

Overall, it's a great buy, especially for the price. I expect if it was more expensive (in the $20+ range) they may pay more attention to the materials and fit, and then it would become basically indispensable. But at this price, fancy materials would be overkill. The fitting, however, could definitely be improved on the mask and neck hole in particular.
Seem okay. Realy wanted 5 slots per side vs 4
Fits good, shipping was delayed by 1 day for some reason. Other than that it was good.
It barley lasted a month before it ripped
Exactly what my daughter wanted for her friend :)
My full cloth balaclava probably keeps me a bit warmer and also fits tighter around the head, but this one is more functional, more comfortable and doesn't get that frozen neck/icicle goatee effect. I've actually found that wearing it just as a face/neck cover with a snug winter hat on top was best for the sub-zero sledding I was doing
I love them. They as long as i like them and the waist size fits perfect. The fact that in could get 4 diferent colors in just 1 place it make my day.
my wife loves it got for her birthday
Its great. Big enough to hold things I want handy but small enough to carry around without slot of extra weight.