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Great product!
excellent product!!! 100% original, a good deal for the price.
Very soft but its bigger than I expected. Not a deal breaker and I will still wear it though. Better to be too big than too small lol
Very Comfortable Very Affordable! Im Pleased
With My Decision To Buy These By Gildan! and
I will be back for more! Highly recommended!!!!
It a great necklace for my daughter but the chain keeps breaking and I have spent 100 on 2 repairs because she caught it and broke it twice
My husband loves these, says they are very comfortable, fit well and don't bind. Drying time is super!
Great hats. We use them for gardening. Perfect for the hot sunny weather here in Florida.
I have a dozen caps. This is the second of the Carrartts. I wore the first one out. Love this fit......
Great pair of shorts and would not hesitate to buy more
The husband has been wanting these for awhile now! So why not for Valentines Day he absolutely loves them!
Love it
My guy loves them ,says they are just the right warmth.
The quality of these socks are great, they fit well, have a wonderful heal tag to keep from slipping down. However they are not cut low enough if you wear shoes such as Sperry's. They are about a half an inch too high in areas which allows you to clearly see the socks. If you dont mind seeing the socks in this case, these are an excellent made product.
As much as I love this purse the studs keep falling off which is irritating.
Great suit and great quality. Really pleased with this purchase. Definitely will buy again!
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic my screen time has increased, I spend most of my day in front of my computer or phone and have noticed my eyes feeling tense/more dry. I purchased these because I wanted something affordable that would protect my eyes from blue light and reduce eye strain. These look good and are very cute, but they're not great. The glasses are not clear, they easily get foggy and have a yellow tint to them. They also have a lot glare and are very reflective. The only thing I like about these is the style and the small frame size (I have a small face and finding smaller frames is difficult). Overall, the quality is ok but I will be returning them and I dont recommend them if you spend a lot of time in front of screens (these are more for show/fashion).
Great product. Fast service
I was looking for a balaclava to run in, that didn't getting soaking wet from my breath then freeze. I think it's impossible for any fabric in front of my mouth to stay completely dry but this one did pretty well, and I never felt like it was a bother. I only use it for extremes, like yesterday when the windchill was -5, and it worked well.
Perfect! Theres lots of space but the most important feature to me is that it zips the entire way around. I never have to worry again about anything falling out the sides.
My favorite socks! Great fit and incredibly soft. Now if I can just keep my sons from borrowing them...
The shipping was good quality. No problems. These socks are good quality. Soft feet parts with good elastic on the leg. Fit great. I'm very happy with them.

(The content of this review is truthful. After reading it. I feel like it was written by Cousin Eddie.)
Loved wearing this out to a festival the other weekend.... Probably one of the first times in my life I haven't worn sunblock and not gotten burned big time... I hate the feeling of sunblock so seeing these and 'sunblock' shirts made the experience so much better. Will likely be heading out doors and little more often knowing I can protect myself from the sun and not feel sticky or like I'm covered in oil.
They appear dingy very quickly but they fit well.
Bought another pair of shrink to fit Levi's from Amazon.

These have been washed and shrunk down. They are now going back. Not happy.
Love it! Sleek and just what I was looking for.
Glasses came in very fast, within 3 days and were flawless. Couldnt be happier and very satisfied with the purchase.
Fit good, look good. Thats whats important!
My huband gave me this and I love it!! Now he repeats it to me every day. I took one star off because of the hook. Super hard to open and it very pointy and pokes me at times.
Great hats for the price. Got for me and my husband for yardwork. Sturdy, aeration thru vents and waterproof when we got caught in the rain.
My daughter loved these!!!! She uses it to make herself small like Sofia does! Wonderful for those of imagination and great quality.