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Perfect fit! Great waist and length. I'd buy again.
When I received these sun glasses we had a discussing in my house because my daughter, my son in law and my husband wanted them. They were out of lock because I really like them, I have bought a lot of sunglasses for me because I wear them day and a lot of nights. I bought a lot of different Oakley glasses since they are stylish and very durable. Some of the Oakley glasses have removable lenses, I believe that is a great feature to have, But I also have lost a lot off sunglasses. I am actually not sure if I misplaced them or if they were stolen. So when I saw these polarized sports sunglasses I wanted to try them.. The Lenses are made of a shatterproof , of unbreakable PC material and durable enough for long time use. The main black lens is polarized, against strong sunlight. These glasses are very trendy and cool to wear, These glasses come in a very nice hard, grey protection box The case is of a special design for the fashion glasses kit, lined with sponge. The more I use these sunglasses the more I love them. These are now my go to sunglasses for when I have to drive in the mountains. With the bright sunset these are perfect for driving the car. These are also amazingly comfortably. Normally after a couple of hours even with Oakley's I have to change the sunglasses to another model. It is not the lenses but it is the frame that starts irritating me after a while and with these polarized sports sunglasses I do not have that problem with these sunglasses. These sports sunglasses also stay do not slide of when you start sweating. The nose piece fits very nicely. I did receive these sunglasses at a discount/ free for my honest/ unbiased opinion. I do not have to leave a positive or 5 star review. I read reviews before I buy a product online especially on Amazon. I hope this review helps you decide if this is the right product for you. I would have given this product the same rating with or without a discount. I know how important honest reviews are. This is my own honest opinion. If this review is helpful to you please vote Yes
this fashion glasses kit includes;
1; set of sport glasses frame.
2;5 pair of lenses one pair of lenses are black polarized,
3;hard nice grey protection case
4;It is has a cleaning cloth,
5;It has a lenses pouch.
6;Elastic sport belt.
These sunglasses have an amazingly comfortable fit I updated this review because like I said the more I am wearing them the more I like these sunglasses. I would definitely recommend these sports sunglasses to. my friends and family
The vision correction was off and made me dizzy.
Have worn this brand for several months. Merino wool is pretty much all I wear. These are comfortable and are holding up well. Only minor complaint is that they have a little too much material where the top of the foot bends upward and transitions to the lower shin. This causes the sock to wrinkle a little right under the top of the tongue of my shoe. (I hope that makes sense.) Not a deal breaker, but would be happier with the socks if they didn't wad up at that point.
Slim and lightweight. Holds my cards securely
love the product, came out better than expected. the pants are long for me since i have shorter legs, but over it's great
They are awesome! Bought two more different styles
Great item for a great price
My 96-year-old father has three of these and he looks cute! I really like this company's quality and the designs are good also.
Great shorts for the price. A tad long but not an issue at all
Perfect for my 13 year old son when he has to dress up for sporting events.
It is compact
Great gift for any pilot or aero tech/engineer
GREAT bag for the price. Delivery was quick. This is an inexpensive bag, but the zippers all work well, and the lining isn't loose. The bad itself is light and not oversized, but it holds a lot. Just enough compartments for me to be organized but too many so I forget where things are. I am not sure this bag will last for years (you get what you pay for) but at this price, I can afford to replace it with a new color when it wears out. My only complaint? The logo on the front isn't straight, but it's a minor issue in light of all the positive attributes this bag has. I will definitely buy again.
I plan to buy a few more for my sister, mom and daughter. I love the look, feel and the many slots for my cards
WOW no hands and my pants stay up.
great product
Very complete
I like it. Its smaller and slimmer than most wallets I've had before, and still fits and good amount of bills and cards. Its Also girl pocket friendly.
I love the comfortable fit of these sunglasses! They look great on me. The polarized optics completely reduce the haze in bright sunlight and on overcast days. I would recommend buying these sunglasses!!
I have been wearing this ring for 4 months, haven't taken it off once, my finger hasn't turned green and the ring still looks amazing! It is beginning to tarnish a bit, but this is understandable for any jewelry, especially having not taken the ring off for any reason. If you are considering buying from this company I HIGHLY recommend them!
I first gotta say that when these socks arrived and I opened them up I thought I somehow managed to order kids socks instead of adults. They look really small and I've bought these before and pretty sure they didn't look so small than but anywho, they fit my husband's feet just fine. He's only been wearing them a few days but so far everything's good. They stay up, they make his feet look normal because they cover his finger toes, and they haven't led him astray yet so they're doing good in my book and he says the same for his book. It may be helpful to include that he wears nothing but work boots and these go far enough up his calf for them (he wears 10" logger boots) plus they're comfortable enough to work all day in.
Had to update and include that they actually could be a little longer to comfortably stay above his boots but other than that they're decent socks. Oh, and his feet sweat and stink and he has athletes foot even though he's not athletic at all and these seem to do fine in that department. His isn't terrible but these socks do not make it any worse for sure
It's ok for the price. However, if you have a small head, don't buy this one.
This product is a very good fit and very good quality. I like the rich colors as well as the valued price.
By "normal" I mean socks that you don't pay $20.00 for a single pair. These, however, are a close second to the high dollar socks. If you're like me and do a lot of research before buying something, look no further. I've done all the research for you. Get these socks. You won't be disappointed. I've bought the white and then returned for the black 6 pack.