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All credit cards fit perfectly!
It is little bit too tight, not as comfort as expected.
Every time we order this shirt, the sizing is off by many inches. This shirt is off extremely. The difference in length from other shirt which is same size and style, is almost 6 inches.
I loved this purse- I took it to London and it was perfect. It fit inside my backpack for my flight (no checked luggage- carry on only). It has lots of different compartments and they all lock. Its perfect.
Stitching is very erratic and sloppy in several places. I will buy my levi's locally so I can inspect before purchasing.
My fiance had been looking for a wallet like this for a year since his other one was lost. He is so happy with this one
True to size and great price
i already had a pair for many years ago in the Military and just wanted a pair with different color lense. I was plesantly surprised to see thst Ray Ban still does the same quality work on their product.
fantastic shades lots of extras to go with, nice fit and pretty decent seal. love the removable foam seal, nice strap and case
Good, heavy pocket-T's. The only thing I don't like is the texture of the material which is somewhat stiff and feels rough and a little uncomfortable against my skin. Otherwise, very durable and good fit.
Good thanks
Fits even better after I washed and dried it. Definitely gonna buy more.
FYI Im 60 256 lbs. and I bought the xxl size.
My daughter's first set.. She loves them so much! The screw backs help her keep them.
Comfortable and well made. Great for lounging or working out, and pockets are a plus
Im very happy with these sunglasses! They fit and feel perfect!
Luv!!! True to color, true to size, not to thin, and best of all great price!
good and white
Like it as a 2nd wallet for everyday out and sbout
I have several similar casual shirts and they are all size 4XL. They fit me with room to spare. However, these two shirts (28 palms) are not even close to fitting me. I am not even sure one size bigger would fit properly.
Awesome sunglasses.

They arrived in a black box with a very nice and sturdy case. Which has two zippers and a clip.

They also come with a cleaning cloth and a velvet drawstring bag.

These would be excellent to give as a birthday, anniversary, graduation gift etc.

I actually don't look good in aviators but they look great on my husband and he really likes them.

They're nicely polarized. Very nice colors. The frame is pretty sturdy.

There's soft pads on the nose bridge so they won't slide off or hurt.

I love the blue color. My husband likes them. I think they'd be great for male or female. Would make an excellent gift too.

Sample provided for my evaluation and honest review.
Received exactly what I expected. High quality material. Exact color and fit.
great service, product exactly as advertised
Love the wallet. It easily holds up all my cards and some cash too. The wallet is made up of excellent quality leather and easily slips into the front pocket. Overall an excellent product....would definitely recommend buying it.
Very comfortable and a great value. This is my second pack that I bought. I enjoy this brand.
When I stumbled upon these socks, I was so thrilled that I was completely willing to look past the fact they were most likely made in a sweat shop. I saw them as aesthetically pleasing--in other words, "fly." When they say 6-11 is the size, that is a generous overstatement. The fact that they ripped a hole in them on the first wear is sketchy at best. But then again, I did get them on Amazon so it's my fault.
Style of the hat is good. The hat is ok for the price, the band looks cheap. If you wan a soft hat, this is stiff