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Broke right away
Good quality.
This is the second time I have ordered these socks. They are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They don't show and they don't slide down your foot. I wear them everyday and they lasted me about a year before they started to rip. 10/10 would recommend to someone else!
I bought these boxers for my boyfriend and he loves them. He says they are the most comfortable boxers he owns & they fit him well.
Wife really likes this bag
Beautiful, well made shirt.
Nice and comfortable
Ordered this for college football- great size and stadium approved.
They came earlier than what they said they would, love them!
Love it!!!
Perfect sized backpack for everyday use. I got it in grey and I love the color.
I love it. It is well made. I love all the pockets. its soft and i can use the shorts straps or have the option to hook up longer shoulder straps.
Beautiful Belt Great Price Overnight Delivery cant ask for more!!!!
Using these for father's very thick plastic back brace. He is 93 with the problem that belts sit 4" below where they should, so these are perfect for holding the brace in place around front and back. I was happily surprised at how very strong all parts are, indeed. Beautiful quality with very tough clips. INDUSTRIAL.
My granddaughter love the earrings .
Absolutely love everything about this pocketbook soft lots of room and compartments and beautiful finally found one i love so much i am buying another . Most definitely would recommend
These pants are really comfortable. What a deal for < $6! I've worn them every night since they arrived. 5'8" and 170 lbs. - medium fit perfectly.
Exceptional product! I needed a small purse to carry my iPhone and a few other things. Usually when I see products such as this, I am fearful about the quality. Not so in this case. The product came in a very nice box and was in a little bag you could use to protect it if you werent using it. It says handmade, and I believe it. The stitching is perfect. The cat ears and whiskers on the front are perfectly aligned. I highly recommend this product. Well worth the cost.
comfortable and love the fit
Fits like a glove
Like the style and appearance, and ease of use.
I returned but don't seem to have a refund yet. hmmmm
Purchased these 2/2016 - in less than a year the rubber connector that you insert your glasses into has worn through. Unfortunately this piece cannot be replaced. I was expecting better quality from Chums. Otherwise, these have been great. Length is perfect and color is nice.

UPDATE: I sent them back to Chums with a letter expressing my disappointment and although they did not have to, they sent me a replacement.
Good hoodie for the price, but I would not call it heavyweight. It got a little stiff after the first wash, but after wearing it for a little while, it softened back up.The fleece on the inside lasted the first wash, but I'm not sure how many it can handle before pilling. Definitely not the best hoodie I've owned, and I'm sure more expensive ones are better quality. This is my lounge hoodie, I use it over scrubs at work mostly, and under a windbreaker when I walk the dogs. It is good for layering, but would not stand on its own.
One of my favorite hats!
The product is nice. They keep you cool but I was hoping more for something like the Ex-Officio brand which is a little thicker.
The shades look good and are polarized as advertised. They are more cheaply made than say my Oakleys , but for the price they are well worth it.
I like it so nice sunglasses
I am using it and has been good so far, the problem is that after loading it with all the cards in the available pockets, it is difficult to keep it folded as it tends to stay open and swells your pockets.
As soon as I opened the package I noticed the shirt was wet. As I u folded the shirt I realized there are what appears to be multiple bleach stains. I'm not sure how this can happen but it's likely that other shirts were effected as well.