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Low quality too small
Love this socks. I wear them all the time. Well not when I shower because that would be dumb. I mean who likes wet socks? No one! Right. So in conclusion... great socks. I'd order again. But I wouldn't use them in the shower. Or when I'm swimming.
Really comfortable and well made
Hard to find decent T-Shirts in stores. Hanes T-Shirts are good quality and fit well
I'm giving this one instead of 5 stars because I ordered a black bag but was sent a dark brown bag instead (I think coffee). It is a gorgeous bag that I own in blue but wanted a black one too. I love that it can hold standard sized papers that I need for meetings and appointments but is still a beautiful purse! It's my favorite go to bag for every day use.
No more blisters here! Great for running long distances. These socks isolate each toe to eliminate nearly all friction and prevent blisters on even the longest of runs. I'm a fan! Yes, they are a little more pricer than your average pair of socks...but here is great example of quality over quantity.
Carhartt is the leader in cold weather outerwear. This hat does the job and more. Thanks.
I removed the ID windows and made the wallet considerably thinner.
Very disappointed at least 6 inches longer than any others I have and much larger in the waist
The fit was good except the legs were a bit shorter than I expected. The fabric moves well.
Very pretty necklace and even nicer than pictured. The chain appears to be quite fragile. Hopefully it wont break easily!
Great socks. I do a lot of walking on pavement about 4-5 miles a day. I use 3 different kinds of footwear and alternate them to avoid soreness but I've come to realize that most of my pain in the past could be attributed to the socks not the shoes. Number one problem is a big seam across the toes and second is the thickness of the sock. Too thick and the first problem is multiplied plus the shoes become too tight. These socks are very soft have no seams anywhere to cause rubbing or pressure points and are medium thickness. They are very comfortable and work well with any shoe or boot I choose to wear. Plus the price is great. They are plenty absorbent and cozy around the house on cold mornings. I have already recommended them to friends who like to walk
I got a great deal on these on Black Friday and gave them as a Christmas gift. Dudes go through a lot of socks, and socks aren't cheap. These are well worth the money, they're pretty sturdy socks.
Size chart says 38 waist is max for L. I bought and found the the be very tight in seat and as result low on waist. I suggest moving to x-large for 38 waist.
good value
Nice cuality, is too large. Tanks.
The fact of rdif and multiple space for cards.
At age 69, I have abused my feet a lot, and now i have to baby them. These socks are very comfortable, although after about a year they have lost their cushion and should be replaced. I am buying my third set of them today.

Great for sore feet, or if you are smarter than me, to keep from getting sore feet. .
This Little purse is adorable! Fits all I need including my keys and my iPhone Max. I can put my cards money glasses and lipstick with no bulk. I got in the blush pink and it is so pretty. I have received more compliments from this little purse than any of my high dollar bags!! The zippers are smooth which is something I always look for!
I accidentally love this purse, it's so soft and beautiful. It was the best purchase I've ever made! Now I need to get it in black!
Durable and fit surprisingly well. A steal for $10 bucks. Fits over my normal eyeglasses magically.
My wife loves all the little pockets in the bagg! Great Quality! Fast service!
These shorts come with red, yellow, and green speckles all over them. It looks tacky and is also not shown in the picture
Lightweight and cool
The belt is just a Web strap with a metal buckle. The waist strap is thin and the buckle is thin metal. Its not the quality I expected for the cost. Overall, I would say it is overpriced. I would put the price point around $14.
Great price
Size and the color is perfect.
My favorite sunglasses company. But those happy lens hurt my eyes.