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my junk feels nice in them
I'm really bummed. While these are softer than burlap, the material is very harsh against the skin. I think they mixed a little bit of sandpaper in there. Will unfortunately be returning these. So frustrated.
bought men's thinking I would have "room" - I am a medium sized woman........these are TIGHT - they run small. don't want body hugging
Omg best bag ever. I get compliments all the time. Quality is good it's amazing .
They shrink after the first wash. Horrible quality.
I love this bracelet! It is so stunning, especially when under strong natural light. The clasp is very easy to use and stays put throughout the day. It is a lovely piece of jewelry and I am likely to purchase again as gifts for friends!
I initially tried the shirt on when I got it to see if it fit, as I'd exchanged it for a smaller size. Decided I liked the way it fit, so wore it for a couple hours--until I began to itch! Took it off immediately, but apparently not soon enough. I spent 36 hours itching terribly and developed a rash with blisters. I have another one in a different color, which I didn't even try on. Because I really like the colors and the fit, I put both shirts through the wash three times, hoping to wash away whatever leftover chemical they had on them. I plan on trying to wear them again, but if there is even a hint of an itch, I will be contacting the seller about returning them.
Great material, and classic look. This made a great gift for the man in my life.
Nice, super soft!
Great price! I got this when it was on sale. It's comfortable and fits perfectly.
i dont get it. whats so special about it
This product I only have 7 our 8 Bill's in here and it does not hold anymore not very please and a waste of 20 dollars. Disappointment
Great color! Got the green jewel tone peacock color! Great pop of color for any time of year! Fall -with sweaters and boots or in spring and summer with florals and neutrals. Zipper on front is REAL, leads to an exterior pocket...both tassle zippers happy, i hate "for decoration only" hardware. Great size and length.
Wow! I absolutely love this wallet. It is exactly as represented and arrived as promised. The packaging was nice enough to wrap and give as a gift. Exactly what I wanted, quality leather and rich wine red color. Plenty of room for cards and two zipper areas, I could not be happier with this purchase, thank you!
It doesn't glow in the many colors it shows in the pictures but it is a well made bag and still is pretty cool.
not the original quality of NAUTICA.
great bag for great price...has many pockets to put stuff in...very soft to the touch...
I love them, they are breathable and nice in looking and shape.

thanks to South Coast Trade.
Worth the price
Awesome. Great quality and a great buy.
Well made, perfect size for the office and a beautiful color for fall. The only criticism is that the leather is on the stiff side. It may soften with time.
I think this wallet is very good and definitely worth the purchase! It's minimalist, slim design is exactly the wallet I was looking for and it's a solid product overall. I like the functionality, especially with how complex thieves are getting these days, and I'm much less worried knowing my personal buying information is protected. I like that it holds all of the cards I carry around with me, especially considering how many I do I think the only complaint I had is the actual scan blocker is a bit abrupt stylistically and I would love more pattern options!
Well built and very nice wallet.
Love my new purse just waiting to find perfect wallet to go with.
There is absolutely zero way this wallet is leather. Doesnt feel or smell like any leather Ive ever seen! Smells like cheap plastic. Feels cheap too. Glad Ionly paid $20, but its probably not even worth that. Its cute, but thats about it. Im going to keep it because im too lazy to return it, but Im not optimistic about how long it will last.
Exactly as described. Beautiful in the light. Way better value than Luminesk.
The size is perfect - not too large, but lots us space for small wallet, sunglasses, smartphone or camera.
Biggest negative is that there is a screw mechanism where the strap loops into the bracke and it keeps unscrewing, resulting in the strap suddenly being disconnected on one end. I'm thinking of using some gorilla glue on it to keep it shut.
High quality feel.
love the product - they are extremely comfortable, provide a lot of breathing space. I originally bought this to keep my travel itinerary short but having used them extensively I can very well see them as my daily go to boxers. I'll likely purchase a few briefs too from ExOfficio after seeing how well these perform. Overall great product, highly recommend it - performs as advertised!
So I've ordered these pants a few times before and never had a problem. This order was different however in that I pulled the tags off no problem and threw em in the wash with what I saw covering it in stray fibers and threads. I pulled it out and this particular "stray thread" was in fact sewed in. I was pissed . I guess I just wanted others to be aware with this review of a few things. That its obvious that Levi's standards have sunk and for you all to be cautious in the future. The colors may not match what you order being lighter or darker in appearance and I already know that the pants fall apart within a year with holes etc after working . Just Idk if maybe its different buying in person but this standard is has me dissatisfied