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The buttons that hold the buckle come undone too easily and the holes are too big for other buckles. Im returning this as soon as possible because of how bad it is.
Smaller than I thought it would be... great quality.. soft leather...
Great gift for my sister. So affordable and the perfect touch
My belly roll (40 inch) has a way of shaping a belt negatively over a short period of time. I've found I need a real leather belt that is wide enough not to roll downward. This has held it's flat shape and neat appearance for months now. Great belt for the big boys.
Like the strap being good length
To big
Bought as a gift, big hit
The quality of 501's has dropped beyond imagination. Thin, fragile material. Completely random fit. 5 belt loops instead of 7? Come on Levi, you are losing customers. It seems that all of the classic manufacturers are cutting corners, as in every possible corner they can think of. All I can do is go to w-mart and try on the store brand till I find a pair that fits, this way I can get the SAME LOW QUALITY as levi for 1/3 the price. THIS MESSAGE FOR LEVI, WHEN YOU START MAKING JEANS AGAIN, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL START BUYING THEM AGAIN.
My granddaughter will l over this
I LOVE this purse. I'm not a dressy kinda gal so I love how I can use this purse and not have to switch out every other day. It looks good with jeans & all other casual wear and the colors make it so flexible. The only thing I notice is (after 7 months) the outside zipper is losing it's stitching, but I think a couple of hand stitches & it will be fine.
Great quality. Love it
These are excellent glasses! I an a Ray-Ban Wayfarer devotee, and have been for ten years. So I was apprehensive about these, but I decided to try them. They are lightweight, great for driving in sun, fog, and we will see about snow. They are on the pricey side, but so too is vision strain or a dangerous driving situation informed by a cheap pair of sunglasses.
Light and spacious. Very nice travel tote! Happy to have it.
The hubby tends to wear these under his button-up shirts during the summer months. He likes the length, they stay tucked into his pants. After several washes, the material softens, and yet we did not see any deterioration.

However, these shirts are thin...and seem to get thinner with each passing year. These will not replace the hubby's favorite undershirts, J.Crew Mercantile Men's Crewneck T-Shirt.
Nice fit nice style
Fits as expected
It appears to be quality leather. Im saving it for a gift.
This is just as described, true to size, super soft inside, good quality. Exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend.
Great product
Im upset on the products quality I had it only for a week and wore it about 2-3 times and the color changed. It turned a dark color and some of the gems on them fell out. Did not expect it to be poor quality even if the prices were on the affordable side.
Better quality than expected!
I ordered 3 pairs, the black, ice blue repaired, and ice blue, and I was a bit skeptical because I never tried on skinny jeans, let alone stretch jeans. I'm about 5'7 220 lbs with a belly, I normally wear a 40 waist in regular jeans.

These shocked the hell out of me. I ordered the largest size possible which I think is a 36. The fit was unbelievable! The waist could easily fit another 6 inches maybe more, I'm certain I can go a size down to 34 and it would still be a great fit. You could literally do a split in these jeans and u wouldnt feel restricted in the crotch area. Will definately order other pairs/colors. Great job I would highly recommend. I took a few photos of the pants, I'll try and add some where I have them on as soon as I get a mirror.
These are really good looking glasses and the polarized lenses are almost better than my costas. A darker lens than the normal blue mirrored. Would be great on the water!
This wallet is everything I wanted!
sent 3xL orderd 4xL also they shrank 1st wash so now use as rags pretty expensive rags. don't buy
Hey not sure how helpful this will be given Im a female an this is a mens tshirt. But long story short needed a red shirt for a job didnt matter the style just had to be red. I buy smalls in hanes mens tshirts at the store just for around the house so i knew my size atleast for the plain white ones. I dont like it fitted but i dont wanna look like im drowning either. Im more of a athletic build size 4 or a 26 pants or 3-5 in juniors. Tops in womens i always get smalls im not overly busty 34c an these fit great. I prefer hanes for the simple fact the are longer than other brands an dont look boxy after a few washes not to mention no tags truely a great tshirt. Fyi i notice white tshirts always tend to shrink more than the colored shirts not sure why but in my experience thats what happens but still fit just a bit more form fitting. An just an fyi if a female is lookong for a tshirt for lazy days or whatever or just to wear on ick days if you have a little belly on ya nice cover for those days but if you have yourself a belly that is more obvious this may not be what your looking for or maybe try a size up.
Honestly I cant complain. For the price it works. its more about the message then the quality.
Being a bigger guy than most. In the past I would go through belts pretty fast. They always would eventually stretch to the point of becoming too weak only to eventually split. Ive been only using one of the two belts for about six months. It still feels like new and even though the belt clip feels like it wouldnt last long, its been great. I finally feel like I got my moneys worth!
Very cool glasses. Only draw back is I expected the lenses to be a litttle bigger than they actually are but very cool style and look. I have Rayban wayfarer that have same look but these are more than half the price and just as cool looking.