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Very nice quality wallet should last me 10 years like the last one
I purchased this item clearly based on the reviews but however, Im very disappointed in the bag . It looks very cheap like something you would get from a dollar general . I was hoping I wouldnt regret my purchase but Im sorry its a no for me . I purchased the beige and well It just doesnt work for me ! Im starting to wonder if some people get paid to write some of these reviews.
They're not as pink as pictured which is what I loved about them to begin with. They are very lightweight and work great
These were very cute. I wasnt sure how I would feel about them, given the price, but they were surprisingly one of my faves! The colour is gorgeous- I got rose gold- and it was a rich and pretty rose gold.
on time and as described
I bought these in three colors: Neon Pink, Gray and Black, and they are exactly what I was hoping for. I have been using these as workout shirts for the last couple weeks. Previously I have been using dryfit-like shirts which do a good job but they have always come out of the wash still smelling kind of like a mix of rubber and sweat. So I sought something with more natural fibers hoping they would do the trick. These shirts are perfect. They are soft, just breathable enough, and they smell clean when I wash them. I like all the colors for different reasons. The black is great for hiding my sweat, the gray is great for showing off my sweat, and the pink is visible even in minimal light.
These were very inexpensive, and unfortunately they look it. The gold jewelry was a funny color. I sent it all back.
These were supposed to be 2T-3T. They were not even as long as an 18 month top. They barely fit our 17 month old now, and are not even long enough to tuck into her pants. Very disappointed!
Fits great. Size is right. Thanks
I purchased this for my granddaughter, so I specifically wanted the rose gold color. The package says it is rose gold, but the rose part of it is difficult to see. It just looks gold. If you hold the chain just right, you can detect a very slight pink tint. Couldn't see it in the heart at all. Other than the color issue, it seems fine. The heart is the perfect size for a young girl.
You know the feeling of 10 drunk 20 year old ladies hugging you after a night out?

This is how it feels wearing this robe,

Its like being touched by god himself.
Soft, cosy,warm, everything a man needs.
Once you wear this combined with crocs sandals with white socks, you are irrisistable
In my experience all the girls want to steal your soft, cosy warm robe, so i do advise buying a secured safe with it as well or pay some mexicans to keep an eye on it at all times
Love the quality, great price.
Great buy.
no idea, purchased for someone else
Great fit and looks nice.
Comfortable perfect
quality product
The charms were loosely attached and came off after wearing it for an hour. Luckily we noticed that that came off right away and didn't lose them and was able to reattach them.
Excellent product
I bought it as a gift and she was super happy so elegant and classy .
Sit good on the ankle ,the is not to big and not to small
The A carved in it is perfect no chips lol...
Overall for the price i got it it's a great summer gift.
Nice inexpensive well cushioned sock
Was perfect!! Exactly what I wanted!! Fast delivery!!
Runs small, great shorts just go with a size larger..
These belts are awesome. Great for gifts and for myself.
Good quality and value
too tight and thin
Nice hat as described
It was real nice and my son love it !!