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Style satisfied and will be used in a multiplied role for the gym and swimming role.
They look good but are of cheap quality overall. If you treat them gently they should last a while.
Fits as expected!
Fantastic quality and feel.
Soft undershirts that do not shrink in the laundry. They're great for wearing under button up shirts.
The quality is poor. Not worth the price. I plan on returning this product. Perhaps I can have a return label sent to me
Im a vendor, so Im a little hard on sunglasses. I put them on top of my head if Im in a store, and through the day I usually bang them up a bit. Ive been wearing these for a while now, and they seem to be fairly tough, and still dont have scratches on the lenses. I also have issues with cheaper sunglasses hurting my eyes from strain from the poor quality lenses, but these are completely fine. I can wear them for hours without them bothering me.
I have purchased Baggalini bags before. I already have several and this style does not disappoint. They are all very well constructed and last forever. They are even washable...and look brand new after doing so. If I could I would have one in every style and every color!
These jeans fit just a little looser in the waistline than expected, but they should be just right with shrinkage from washing and drying them.
My job that I work is spent half of the time outside and half of the time inside, but with the Oregon weather being as cold as it's been lately it has been a lifesaver!!! I absolutely love this this it is easy to breathe out of which was my main concern and then on the inside it has the most softest fleece or whatever it is; but it is amazing. Hey guys and gals if you work out in the cold buy one as a matter of fact buy 2 or 3 or 4 or one for each work day I know as soon as payday rolls around I'm buying st least 3 more and giving a couple to guys I work with.
Very nice socks - fit well and seem to have quality that will last
medium way too small on me so i returned it. I order large its way too big on me lol what? is their a size i dont know about
The latch broke the same day I received it. Poor quality
I like how lightweight the glasses are and love the shape. It's hard to find this shape of glasses that come big, normally only come smaller.I'm very happy with my purchase. Going to get another pair
These are really well-made and very pretty, I didnt realize that the hoops or a little bit bigger than what I feel comfortable wearing.
I Like the size of it !There are many zippered pockets to put all of my things separately.
I like the softness of the leather!
It is actually nicer than I thought it would be!
Very thin compared to same brand and style available at Walmart. Also an odor like paint thinner was strong upon opening pkgs. After 2 washes odor is pretty much gone.
My husband loves this wallet. It's held up well these past 6 months
Good fit, not breathable, but great for winter.
Nice. Fits my medium-large head. I ironed a dinosaur on it for some jazz and now I feel Very Fly.
Good stocking stuffers
Best work socks ever
Quality is good, just too small. Too many sweets for me!
So cute -- they look expensive.
Great gift they fit him great
Comfortable boxers!! The only reason i'm giving two stars because they don't ship the colors shown in the pictures & the color pattern i got is horrible.
Does the job
Cute, subtle and simple