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Exactly what I expected for toy rings. My niece loved these.
Nice looking, fit is a little tight. I ordered the largest available. My husband has some arm/shoulder problems, so it is difficult for him to put the robe on. It has no stretch.
This thing is awesome! I wear it on my 25 min walk to/from work in sub-zero temps and it keeps me nice and toasty. The mesh ventilator is great! It obviously still gets moist but it is perfectly placed to let my breath escape. I plan to purchase another one to use for running.
I loved receiving my new back pack. I use it for my daily commute to work. I hate the weight a normal purse puts on my shoulders, so I opted for a fashionable pack back. It came with a compliment black passport book, which I was extremely excited to receive. It also came with a green tea scent bag and it makes my back pack smell so good when I open it. Pleasantly surprised!!!
Let me start by saying I have a size 8 head, so finding hats is hard. I have always had good luck with Carhartt and this hat is no exception. Fits snug, but not tight and is soft not scratchy. I honestly will probably stick to Carhartt winter hats from now on.
Perfect size, although less roomy on the inside than I was expecting. I was still able to get everything I needed into it, just tighter than I had wished. Wished that this came in a box so that it didnt have the giant crease on one side, the fact that it can stand on its own was a big selling point for me. Also the leather is worn off in one little spot likely because of the crease. But it was also fairly cheap, so Im not surprised there were a few little issues.
I really enjoy wearing this sunglasses which fits perfectly. I highly recommend anyone who wish to purchase this sunglasses rather than buying a prescription sunglasses. It would save you bug bucks!!
I purchased these Night vision glassed for two reasons, as I get older night driving glare make this difficult and especially when in the rain. The second reason is that I live in the snow belt near Lake Ontario and needed these to help my driving through snow and fog. These glasses have work very well for the glare of night driving and rain glare. I have not tried these out in the snow yet as our snow season has ended for the year. Next year i suspect these glasses will be used a great deal. Oh by the way the Rochester area had the highest snow accumulation for the entire country this year!
Good value!
These are okay. Good quality but the cut is too high for tiny kids and they don't get their bums fully covered.
I dont write many reviews but i had to say this is a great hat for the money. I wish I had bought one for my girlfriend. Definately a great buy!
These feel like better quality suspenders than I have purchased in my local stores. The clips are metal, so they hold better than the plastic ones.
The straps are longer too. All in all, I will purchase additional sets as I am happy with my purchase.
Lovely handbag, but a bit heavier and bulkier than I expected
Good quality, works perfect for my husband! His is filled more, so it does not lay flat when set on a table, but no issues with it fitting in his pants pockets.
worth exactly the price .... very cheap.
quality is bad, stitching is rough, sizing is too large.
The bag itself was pretty thin, but still usable. Super cute pattern, just some issues with tracking my order.
Great belt! Sturdy with a bit of style. Just order 3 sizes bigger, i.e., if your waist size is 32, then order for 35.
So I originally bought the size XL because I thought what the hell it's just underwear it will fit, well I'm a 36 not a 38-40 so I didn't realize how much better the L fit. This doesn't have the longer length, because otherwise they'd be too big like the XL, they're super soft, they're much more comfortable and don't ride up. These are by far my favorite boxer briefs. I need to invest in buying at least 5 more pairs of these, when they're bellow $20 of course I'm not insane or rich. I went from American Eagle Boxer Briefs, or whatever the hell you call those silky boxer briefs that are a little longer, and these are much much better specifically because the softness doesn't go away! The silkiness of the boxer briefs from AE go away and they're just fine then instead of being super comfy. The waistband also folds and twists, but these Calvin Klein's waistband stays in place and doesn't roll at all. I like the black color but to be honest no one cares what they look like, they're gonna end up either in the hamper, hidden by pants, or on the floor of a strangers apartment ;). Get what's cheapest with Prime shipping and you'll be fine. Luxury underwear doesn't have to cost upwards of $35 and you shouldn't be settling for a 4 pack of fruit of the loom from Walmart.
The mesh is cool but the hat is alittle too big and hits into my ears. Overall good hat tho!
Just as described. Comfortable and fluffy.
Love this belt. Belt and buckle are made of very good quality. With other belts eventually they stretch and the holes may not fit any more. This belt is fully adjustable even if it stretches out
Pretty upset, actually. I have been buying this brand from physical store for decades. Wear them everyday. This set I bought through Prime and every single pair had a hole in at least one toe within 2 weeks. Heck, I have a few pairs that are over 5 years old and still don't have any holes in them - same exact name brand.
I rarely write reviews. I do really like these sunglasses, but I would have had to knock it down a star, if it wasn't for their wonderful customer service. I purchased these for fishing, so I am constantly taking them off and on. Warning, the nose pads can get knock off, and this is what occurred to me. Rachel took immediate care of this problem. Very rare you find such wonderful customer service~!
They fit perfect until they are washed. Then they shrink really bad.
The only reason I didnt provide 5 stars is that I wish the Dickies logo was not on the pocket.
Ive worn these shirts for years and love them.
Very pretty and well made.
Great fit!
If youre a tall person like me, try getting a bigger size or aim for the big and tall. Good hoodie for a good price.