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Good quality.
Perfect they are my husband favorite. He wants more.
I only have used then for about two months now, but so far very happy with them.
Hoping it's a fluke since my husband loved these pants, just too long for standard 34x34. We're returning them and reordering them to see if it was a design flaw.
I love the look and cut, but the shorts will wrinkle after first wash. I've even tried ironing them and it doesn't help. Hit or miss with these shorts. I have other colors that dont do this and some that do. Wish I would've returned them when I could. I thought the wrinkling would improve with ironing and washing but it hasn't.
so far so good! they come with a rag/ bag/ hard case.
Papi underwear is all I wear, they fir great and look great.
Thank you to the seller for getting these to me so quick I was shocked. In the coronavirus madness...CA announced that we needed to wear face covering...Well I didn't really have anything! I ordered these from Amazon and they said might receive by the end of April...lo ... and behold...the seller got these to me within 3 days. They are the large Levi cotton substitutions...and big enough for my husband.

What a buy...what a great make of bandana...Levi's BUT an exceptional seller to get it to me when I really needed it.
Buy makes about other uggs pilot, I have them still, it is an excellent brand and excellent product I love, surely I will continue soon with another acquisition
Too tight
I've never had allergies to whatever elastic that I've had in my various brands of boxer briefs (Jockey, Hanes, Calvin, etc) - but ever since I bought a new batch of Hanes a few months ago to replace my old ones that I LOVED and were SO COMFY, I've had some very irritated red patches right at the waistband. These new Hanes are rough around the band and when I sleep in them at night I can feel the band sitting there making those red patches even more itchy. They also run a full size smaller. I can still wear my old ones that are large, but the new larges are way too tight (I ordered some XL just to see if that was the issue, and they do fit better but are still rough around the waist). Very disappointed... I've ordered a different brand and I will be donating these Hanes.
Love it !!!! So many compartments n the material is wonderful.
Love!! Great quality
Surprisingly better than expected. More than great value for the price.
Modern style fit.
Great hat. Good looking, high quality.
This is a beautiful wallet! The craftsmanship is excellent, and the design is a plus.
Very comfortable, love the material.
This is s great little medium weight hoodies. It washed well and doesnt fade easily.
The package has a hole in it that says "Feel the Softness" but that hole allowed the shirt to get stained. I don't know what it is that stained the shirt but it is gross.
I'm 6'4 310 13inch foot they fit great
the best hat I have
Socks started separating at the black to gray seams first time I wore them.
I love these glasses. I bought the black frame with dark lenses. They look great and are comfortable. The frame is sturdy.
LOVE THESE! They are super warm, and durable. No complaints
Very functional and stylish wallet. Doesn't bulge out of your pocket and can easily hold upto 8/9 cards.
Bought this bag for a trip to Sweden. It's the perfect size for a day out. I've been using this as my main bag for about 3 months now and the straps are still going strong. It can hold a good amount of stuff without looking too clunky.
Thin, small...not impressed
Well made and exactly what I was looking for.
Perfect for my needs. They did wrinkle up in the wash, but if I need them perfectly flat I can always iron them.