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I liked that the vision is perfect. You can see nice and clear. I'd like more styles to choose from.
I loved it, but the straps came off after 6 months.
Looks good do far .too early to review
I am in love with these lightweight sunglasses, as a girl who wears makeup its so tedious having your makeup rub off on your glasses. This is not the case, these are wonderful, and they do a marvelous job at protecting my eyes
I love these socks. They do stay on your foot the entire day, unlike other no show sock that don't stay on. I walked on this sock the entire day and i didn't even need to adjust them. Great socks... Finally found one that stays. Thanks
Only belt ive ever had that broke an advertising promise, buckle digs into my gut.
Love love love this bag!! Perfect size for me and it fits nicely on the shoulder (i was worried it wouldn't be long enough) color is awesome too, very happy I've finally found a purse I like!
Very comfortable, fits just as expected. Seems well made as well. The top is a little high in the front at normal wear, but you can pull the hat all the way to your eye-line if you want. Will be buying in another color later..
It looks good
Great quality. Just what I was looking for! Very small, the color looks very pretty (picked color grey), perfect for those that dont like to carry a lot of stuff!
These fit well, which is unusual for me and the price is reasonable
Amazing great for working as a cook as a face mask keeps you cool and you can breath
I bought these for my 1-year-old and they were adorable and fit well. The size of the actual earring was just right, they seemed sturdy, and the backs screwed on securely...too securely. Somehow one of the posts was bent after I put them on her. I'm not sure how because she didn't bump her head or get tossed around, but the post was bent which forced one mouse ear of the earring to embed deeply into her ear. When I tried to remove the earring the screw was jammed on. The only way I could get a good enough grip to get it to move was to spin the mouse part of the earring, which obviously hurt her. It was so bad I was going to take her to the doctor to have it removed, but I finally got it off by slowly moving it in tiny increments over the course of a day.

I don't know if I got a bad pair that was extra flimsy, but that was an experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone. It's a shame because the earrings were cute, but not worth putting my daughter through that.
The back didn't screw in tight and my daughter lost the back within a few hours of wearing the earrings
Nice quality
Its sleek and its holding true, only issue I have is it is bending my cards (and I only have 3). Other than that though its holding up so far
Perfect so I was told.
These are great shades. Very light and comfortable. Clarity is unmatched. I currently own three pairs of Maui Jims and have gone through several others over the years that were either broken or lost. Maui Jim has the best customer service and repair plan that I have ever seen. Could't be happier!
Fits good last long
this is a small bag, and not even a 16 oz water bottle will fit in the side pockets. However once you accept that it's a nice bag... sleek looking deep black taffeta textured outer fabric feels sturdy, pale grey lining same slight taffeta sheen as outside but finer weave, 5 zippered pockets with smooth pulling zippers and large pulls, and interior open pockets that each fit a cell phone or ipod easily, no jamming. The strap is very adjustable... from about 28-56 ", is strong and strongly attached to the bag.
Nice looking but money clip does not hold bills securely.
Beautiful and lightweight. I love these little earrings
I've lost 3 pairs of Polarized RayBan wayfarers, which is why I can't have nice things.

These glasses are extremely well made. The fit and finish is amazing. I sat on them, bent one of the temples probably 15-20 degrees or so. Not only did the wood not snap, but I was able to bend them back. I'm still wearing them.

The apparently unbreakable hinges are also those flexible kinds, so they're really comfortable on my big head, unlike your typical budget glasses.

The polarization is awesome. The clarity is awesome. The lenses are plastic vs glass, but I haven't scratched them yet, and it's amazing how light these feel on your face compared to traditional RayBans.

Just ordered a second pair in a different wood.

Buy them. You won't regret it.
Fits great
Se ven bien
These are great if you have size 10 feet or above. If you're like me (size 9) you'll end up with an inch of wadded-up fabric either by your toes or behind your heel. I wish they made these in different sizes. I can't imagine some poor soul with size 6 feet trying these on.
very cute
It helps keep my pants up but I still wear a belt because of the tools and material in my pants pocket sometimes be a little heavy and cause my pants to still go down, but it's good anyhow
Awesome so far, very well crafted. Noticeably better constructed than the knockoffs right out of the box.
This is a minimalist wallet with a nice design, i think on a fair price. It can hold 6 Cards inside and there is space for 2 more pockets. Maybe there is space for improvement on the size. I like it!