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to Keep my glasses with me and safe
Great price. Great product
Not to HAPPY with the fit. Ordered xxx but would not know it.
Very cute, durable and doesn't come off easily.
Very nice quality. Soft and supple. Looks good.
Everything was great
Very comfortable and easy. Now my glasses won't fog up yea!
purchased for a dance costume, arrived on time, fit well and fabric very nice
Very cute bag, just like the picture. Good quality for the price and it came in like 3 days.
It is for my grand daughter
Great baseball cap , real quality !
After coming back from the supermarket My wife tried wiping the red leather with alcohol with water and the RED leather turned kind of pink.
The inseam is too low! Otherwise, they are great. Good construction made of a breathable and comfortable material. Too bad the inseam is below mid thigh. I have to hike them all the way up to my belly button to do anything that requires flexibility. For reference, I am 5'11" and weigh 220 lbs; the short size I purchased was large.
I really like the sunglasses a lot. Fit well, very comfortable, good lenses and very durable. No complaints with the physical quality. However, whenever I look into a screen or lense with the glasses on, the sunglass lenses reflect a bright rainbow pattern/color that makes it very tough to see any screen (phone). And now, sometimes when I look into a screen or lense, I will now see a rainbow with my bare eyes and w/o the glasses on....... and a headache will start as well. Let me know if this happens to you!! Fair to say I cannot wear these.
Purchased for our granddaughter who plays softball it is very sturdy looking it is not a flimsy piece! Arrived quickly would recommend
Good quality, better than expected, fits well like my Injinjis (although not as thick) at a fraction of the cost. I'm not too rough with socks though, so as long as I'm not abusing them, they should last as long as my regular socks.
I have purchased these jeans multiple times with the expectation that they would not have the same problem that I have experienced. Unfortunately they rip on the right back pocket at the top each and every time. Very disappointing that a pair of jeans has less then 6 months before they have a big tear on the butt. No issues in any other area of these jeans.

I will not purchase these ever again.
Want the look of Ray-Bans without the outrageous price? Buy these! These shades do not disappoint!!
I love how comfortable these are, they fit just right! I plan on buying more in the near future!
Very pretty. Great size for a little girl
Perfect fit and warm
Its different from what I'm accustomed to. I like the design
The bag looks much nicer in the picture than in real. It can be easily carried by a male or a female. It is not stylish at all but still meets all the requirements specified in its description. I will still be using it to our Europe trip for which I ordered this. The bag is decent size and space and has good number of pockets. I really like the zip locks. I wish it had been more trendier to use it on a daily basis as well.
Love it! Its so cute and the perfect size. I have a 32oz hydro flask that fits perfectly inside if I need it to. I like the fact that it has a small pocket inside and on the outside in the back of the backpack. The zippers are really sturdy and the leather on the backpack is thick. I only wish that you were able to make the straps shorter.
Bought this as a Mother's day gift for my wife and she was delighted! The quality and style are great of course as expected, and the price I paid was really good if the price tag that was attached to the purse is to be believed ($475!!). She is very happy therefore, so am I.
It's a very functional bag to use when traveling as a tourist. I felt confident my valuable documents, credit cards, money were safe, even when I get momentarily distracted in a crowd. If I had a complaint it was that it's cloth so when you spill something on it you end of with stains/spots. I was able to clean it up better when I got back to the hotel though. Of course, carrying the bag is not exactly a fashion statement, but since I was in Europe to have a great experience not to strut around like a fashionista then function trumps fashion. Besides it looked fine with most of my traveling outfits.
Fit perfectly. Vents well, blocks sun well, and stays on even in high winds.