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I like the case these came in, has a bag for the glasses too. This probably will help these last a lot longer than my sunglasses typically last.
I usually go through a pair or two a year due to them getting bent or scratched from sitting out. So for the price, the added Case, and Bag are worth it!
Nice shirts. Good weight of material.
My father requested that I find these pants for him and was happy to find them on Amazon. Just what he wanted and fast shipping.
Besides how they fit, the pants are really comfortable and nice and the size is probably my fault for choosing a medium when I probably should've have gotten the small. Also they would be really good pants in the cold because they are super warm.
comfortable and the fit was great
Nice features. The alarm is not too loud. The face is a little big for a child.
I have been searching for this style of bag for a few months as we travel a lot and my old crossbody bags havent held up. After going through too many bags, I knew I wanted a leather bag. I specifically wanted a bag that was durable, comfortable to carry, secure and could fit my camera and lens. As a professional photographer, my camera and lenses are a bit long and bulky. While I do have bags specifically made for all of our camera gear, I wanted a bag that I could just throw in one of my cameras with a zoom for the day, have it fit snug and not have to worry about it. I purchased this bag to try it out and am pleasantly surprised.

First impressions:
It looked smaller than what I was expecting. However, upon further inspection, I was very happy with the size. Its pretty perfect actually. Not at all bulky, but this bag can fit A LOT! I couldnt even believe it!

Stitching and Leather:
The stitching on my bag is good. However, the flap with the closure is not sewed on straight to the bag. Its not too noticeable from far away, but, as a buyer, I did notice this. And it is something that others have mentioned in their reviews as well. The point on the closure strap looks like its coming apart, but it isnt. It is a handmade bag and that portion doesnt look maybe glued down. I will be taking a further look at it and maybe fixing it or just leaving it. Its not noticeable from afar or too big of a deal.

I dont have to undo my closure each time - like a belt - as underneath it has a push lock closure. This may be an update, but I had seen someone elses review that showed a photo is this. This was a pleasant surprise as well as it allows for easier access.

Shoulder strap:
It feels thin but sturdy. Its adjustable and I feel its the perfect length as it provides a lot of options.

Front pocket:
Not many other reviews mentioned or photographed the front outer pocket. I love it. It fits my iPhone 7S Plus with a case and pop socket comfortably. And I could probably fit more. If I dont use it for my phone, it will fit my expo disc, extra camera battery and CF/SD card case.

Back zipper:
The back zipper is great. I love having this for added security while traveling. However, the inside lining of this portion of my bag must have been scraps of canvas as it has writings and markings all over it. I dont understand how this can be overseen. This was a let down and looks cheap and sloppy. On the other hand, the bag does have a lot of pluses so I didnt feel like this would merit taking a whole star away. But, it was disappointing, especially when youre so excited to have the bag in your hands...and then you see that. A bit of a let down and I hope the seller takes not of this.

The smell:
I was expecting so much worse after reading some of the reviews. Its actually a very light and pleasant smell of leather. Not overpowering at all. I actually love it.

The packaging:
Previous reviews mentioned a silk dust bag. This is not what I received. Mine is quite rough to the touch. Not a big deal. At least it brought a dust bag. Always a plus. The note with care instructions and information on the bag came on recycled paper and was a nice personal touch from seller.

All in all, I think and hope this is a bag will last me a very long time. I love the look and feel of it and also how well compartmentalized it is. It is comfortable for travel as well as every day. As a photographer and small business owner, Im happy to be supporting another small business with a passion for her craft. I would recommend this product.
Fits over my cold weather clothes well. The legs are long, mine are short and so it goes, I'll worry about that later. I'm happy with the purchase.
I really like the color and fit.
Excellent product. Good Prices. Fits well. I will recommend and buy more.
I'm very pleased with the tote bag I ordered. It is light weight and a very good size. It holds a lot without being heavy. The colors are very attractive and will compliment anything you wear. Very good looking and looks Moore expensive than it was. I would recommend it! I can carry all my necessary things with no problem!
to be honest these are my favorite jeans
I loved the sunglasses! I was afraid the model could be too big and not fit in my face, but they fit pretty well and the lens are awesome. I take care of them with my life because I can see they are very fragile, but this is gonna happen with any wood glasses, so it is matter of be careful with them. I recommend!
Works great, comfortable to wear while working and cycling. Seller sent the product in a timely manner.
Good quality, tough material
I finally got to use this product last night at a football game and I must say I was completely dry. I thought that by me sitting in the rain that the water would have soak through but was I ever surprise. I am going to used and returned the plastic one that I bought for the rain. I was dry and warm all in one.
They are wonderful. My feet dont get tired.
I have been looking for something to replace the old 505 cut that appears to have changed in the last 2-3 years to skinny low waisted jeans. I figured the 550's must have slimmed down a bit from when I last wore them in the 1990's when they were very baggy. They still are too full in the legs for my taste but the waist is higher and the rise is as well. You can bend over in these and not worry that underwear or plumber's crack is showing like so many jean are today.

Jeans companies, why are you making no choices for higher waists for men? It just isn't flattering to see America have their butts hanging out of pants. Hopefully that will change soon.
Fit great and easy to receive
I love it
MY favorite hat currently.
Looks and works exactly as advertised. I have issues with slight weight fluctuations. I need an extremely adjustable belt. This belt is exactly that. Carries my EDC tools well, looks good, and it would preform well as a tourniquet. The low price makes it a no-brainer.
Me gusta mucho y se ve muy bien. Buena calidad
Very nice wallet. Lot of space beautiful leather great price
Great well made shirt, like everything from Carhartt. The large is quite large though and it doesnt shrink too much in the dryer.
Well made, nice soft leather, strong clip