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the shirts had tags on them and the description said tagless. pluas it was very uuncomfortable. i will not buy from this user again.
This is not a good product . My wallet fell apart within two days of me having it
This made for a great Christmas gift for my step-mother. She loved it and put it on right away. It came in a nice package and seems to be very good quality.
they are a little pricey compared to other earrings on Amazon but I really like them. so far they have kept their color and the gold has not worn off. I've worn them at least a dozen times.
Have 3 pair of these Wrangler Comfort Flex shorts and they are fantastic. Great fit, good look and value price. Just ordered the dark blue and they are a nice change from the stonewashed lighter version.
Super soft, crazy fast shipping and the elastic around the waist is loose which I personally prefer.
Leather feels sturdy and the functionality of all pockets seem perfect for my needs. Money clip inside works fine. Fits comfortably in my front pocket too. Not too bulky.
Very good fit
My Husband Loves Em
Pants length as advertised. However, the pants are apparently cut to be worn below the waist. I measured a pair of my 38 waist pants that fit normally and the length from top of waist band in front through the straddle to top of waist band in back is 31 inches. On these jeans that measurement is 27 inches. This means the jeans ride two inches below the waist at best. I have to constantly tug at them to try to keep them on. Every time I sit or lean over, they slide down. Once I lifted a box from trunk of car and walked into house and leaned over to set it down and the pants fell down completely. Fortunately it was my house. I went back to see if I had overlooked this critical dimension and could find nothing in the description to warm me of this design 'feature.' I realize women have been wearing pants below the waist for some time, but I want my jeans to come to my waist where they will fasten comfortably and stay up! Beware of ordering these jeans.
just put them on, I like them.
I am always satisfied with carhartt products
The produce has been great to me! The previous one I bought was defective and I got upset and wrote a 1 star review. The company reached out to me to make the wrongs right. They treat their customers EXCELLENT! So rest assure about buying from them. Thanks
The picture would have you believe the hat had form. In fact the material is so thin the brim is floppy and looks nothing like the photo. And the mesh that supports the crown does not hold form or support the crown. I returned it and purchased a more expensive hat from a name brand manufacturer.
My husband is 6'4 and 280- the fit him comfortably and havent broken yet.
I cant yet speak to water resistance or extreme cold, but a comfortable jacket in my experience and looks good, able to straddle the line between casual going out apparel and sporting "outerwear." One annoyance is that the collar wont really un-pop entirely, and often scrapes against my chin when I turn. I have tried to fold it over in the collar and have it sort of sit flat like a lapel, but it doesn't quite stay flat and always raises back up over time.

My main comment to make is on the sizing. In my opinion this runs pretty large for anyone used to a lot of other, slimmer brands. I'm 5'9, 165lbs, with athletic build. I typically wear a medium t-shirt, and while I don't wear ultra tight skinny jeans, I prefer clothes that don't droop off me like some kid who dug through dad's closet. Target's Mossimo athletic cut shirts for example fit me perfectly, with no excess fabric in the arms or chest (but without being full on "bro" tight), and slack in the waist and stomach. After mulling it over for a while and looking at other reviews where they specified their exact size, I ordered this jacket in Small instead of Medium, and I definitely made the right choice. I still have ample room in the stomach and a little in the chest, but the arms and general proportions worked out well for what I was looking for. I'm sure I would have been swimming in the medium.
Returned cause they just felt so cheap and were huge on my face
Better off going to walmart or academy and trying on the ones they have there.
The hat fit perfectly and is very comfortable. Looks great. I love the white at the bottom. No regrets at all.
Much better quality product than expected! Perfect length and way better quality than many other tassel earrings Ive seen. The pink is a tad bit darker than the photo shows and actually like them much better. Will be purchasing in another color!
Love these
Got it for my boyfriend as a gift and he loves it! Fits him perfectly and is nice and warm!
Too large and heavy. Kinda junky looking. Wouldn't recommend.
Just switched from using a money clip to this. Its marginally bigger than it, but offers way more protection for the magnetic strips. The pull out tongue is awesome.
I bought this hoodie for my younger brother. He loves it very much. The color is as nice as in the photo. The material is great. However, he found it to be a little short on him.
Comes loose too easily from the end
Cheap material.
Very good
I was very skeptical to make this purchase at first, as the price seemed way too good to be true. Well, so be it. This purse is a GREAT BUY! The strap is adjustable for those that are taller. The interior of the purse fits a lot of stuff. The structure is pretty sturdy for the price. I will be ordering this in other colors.