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Husband loved them
Largest are really medium. I assume its a international size.
Very pretty
Bought these for my niece. Figure with the screw on style she won't lose them. The look very well made. Also the color purple is beautiful.
Light weight, waterproof, just what I wanted.
These are completely different colors than the photo- disappointing
Love these! Do not use them with manicured nails, will destroy manicure. Otherwise, they reveal incredibly clean and bright skin.
Well made and comfortable.
I like it
Absolutely love it! The only drawback is the outside pockets arent very big but there is plenty of room inside and I am adjusting!
I have the Dickies full size version of these socks. The fit is good, they are thick, well-made, correctly sized (I wear size 12 shoes so I buy the 13-15 size socks). Overall, I'm very satisfied with the full size version. But, it's like the quarter sock version was made by a different company. They are too small for the advertised size, the material is much thinner, and they are far less comfortable. In case it was just an anomaly, I ordered a second package of socks (maybe there was a production or packaging error). The second order was exactly the same as the first. I'm looking for a different brand.
They are exactly what my wife wanted
i dont like how easy the break but if u are carful taking them on and off they wont break :) as easy :/
the quality is good and very thin. Good price
Got this for my husband at his request - he's SUPER pleased with it. Fabric, fit, color - all.
Perhaps this is what everyone expects but when you wear these they will be nice and snug - and after two hours they'll be ridiculously loose, like boxer short loose. I threw mine away.
Very comfortable. Love them!
To big
They are of very good quality.
AND it fits my pinhead perfectly!
Nice t-shirts for the money.
I have been ordering the same pants for years. I love this cut and color.
Very close to dry fit. Feel nice overall
I got the necklace for BFF. She loves celtic knots & the dragonflies. She was so in love with it & kept wearing it!
One of the shirts was super short and tight around the neck.
3 of them fit perfect and the last one was tight around the waist

They are coming apart on the sides after a few washes
No original
Great for working out especially in the heat. Breathable and light weight. Great for hiking/ trail running and regular running. Can also where it as a regular hat, good fit and good look