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They were rather stiff in the beginning, but after wearing several days they seem to fit better and have become more comfortable.
The plastic clip didn't hold my pants.
They are thick comfortable socks. Just what I was looking for. Im on my feet all day at work and these make my life a little bit easier.
like it
The bracelet looks fantastic - very cute, simple and dainty. It was a baptism gift for a 10 year old girl. The first one broke 4 hours after she put it on and we thought she had tugged too hard when adjusting it. Returned it and ordered another one. The second one broke 6 hours after she put it on while I was adjusting it. I wasnt tugging, but the small ball on the end broke off as I was holding it. Returned the 2nd one. This time, at the request of the 10 year old, we ordered a different bracelet. Too bad because this one looked so good on her.
It was eaxactly what I was looking for! It has just the right amount of pockets and the strap is the perfect length.
I dont have the Keysmart pro but Ive tried the original Keysmart and also another company called Keyport. They quality of the Keyport is so much better. I have had it for several years now with no issues. Dropped it many times. Its made of aluminum instead of plastic. They have lots of accessories for them as well. Give them a try.
I bought these for my husband and they fit well. However, he prefers the zipper and these had the buttons.
I love these crossbody fabric bags. They are lightweight and attraactive. I've received a lot of compliments on this one.
It fit perfectly. Its hard finding sunglasses and I found one that fits. Its stylish and provides the protection from the light.
haynes quality good stuff.
Feels great!! Love the bamboo fibers. A little smaller than I expected but still fit is pretty nice. My partner loves them as well :)
Stays up well, wicks moisture, and its a comfortable thickness. Wears well with my cowboy boots and even my casual shoes. Ill definitely be buying these again.
The skinny tie bars were exactly as advertised, they are great! They also filled my order super quick so I could wear my bar in fashion. I highly recommend these tie bars!
girlfriend loves it
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
At the last minute my (then) fiance decided to wear shorts to our beach wedding so I ordered these. The shorts are a great fit and comfortable, we just wish they would have come in the color as shown. They appear to be a VERY light, almost off-white color, but are quite a bit darker than we wanted.
Good quality, smell like real leather! Love it
These are very cute, and my Frozen Obsessed toddler loves them. However, she wont wear them because the lace itches her. She went from training underwear to these, and I'm sure her sensitive skin just isn't used to the elastic lace yet, but just be forewarned that this might be an issue when switching over.
This is not a fault of the underwear, but I'd love to find some without the lace like this!
I have a big head and it felt great. The thing about it was the cold are bload straight through when I was riding my bicycle
The best glasses i have owned..
It was just as I saw it in the mall
ok great
I ordered one for my daughter-in-law---
Loved them!!
Great wallet. Have 6 cards, wallet tool and cash. Everything fit.
Good jeans. Fit as expected