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Liked the fit and it protects me from the sun.
As described
Favorite light weight sweatshirt for the bay.
Good quality
Nice socks
I have only had this a few days, but so far I absolutely love it! As long as it holds up long-term, it will be an awesome belt. The fit is so precise, no more choosing between slightly too loose or slightly too tight. Just be sure to cut it longer than you think, you can always remove the buckle and take more off if you need to. I thought I was cutting mine long, turns out it was almost too short. The only very minor downside is that the clicks are pretty loud. The first morning I put my pants on and tighten the belt I actually woke up my wife, whoops.
Got his for my husband for Christmas and he has issues getting his cards out and DL'S. It is smaller than normal wallets.
It does the job just fine.. The material is sort of spandex-ish, and I was looking for a mask like I saw the attendants wearing when I took my grandkids snowtubing. What arrived is definitely okay, and I wear it at night to go walk around the block. I'd rate it as highly satisfactory!
Im giving 5 stars because I FINALLY ordered a package that fits. Hanes boxer briefs have diminished badly over the past few years. They are thinner material and 1 to 2 sizes too small. I am normally a large. But even the XLs that Ive ordered twice (stupid I know) felt like they were cutting off my circulation. Unbelievably tight. And worse after washing. So in desperation I ordered a 7 pack of the XXL. Ive never owned anything XXL. But they fit beautifully! Finally comfy undies again! After laundering 2-3 times Ive no regrets because they did shrink maybe 5%. But still fill well. Bottom line.... buy 1-2 sizes larger than you normally would.
Great fit, great color
Awesome Belt Fits Great Thank You
Great looking glasses. Came with a nice case to protect them. The glasses are made out of a really cool feeling plastic. Highly recommend.
Dont buy. Its cheap and falls apart quickly.
I ordered two pairs of these pants and they are all I wear. They fit perfectly, they look good, and they're made well. I would definitely recommend
The last time I bought boxers, probably three years ago, I bought three different brands and liked Hane's best so ordered these this time and was very disappointed to see that they have resorted to using a material that is unbelievably thin to increase profits no doubt. Shame! Might as well just wear the elastic band! My three year old boxers, after being washed countless times, are still thicker than these. No more Hane's for me.
Shirts fit a size small.. large fits like medium. And its not me!
I did not inspect the tees upon receipt and by the time I started to wear them is when the small damages were found.

The tees are very comfortable, soft and a very bright white with the V-neck made well.

Nevertheless, the product inspection process must be addressed. I will not reorder this product.
Excelente producto la tela es diferente a otras y se ajusta muy bien a mi cara gracias
Needed a strong leather belt and this fits the bill. The belt is good quality and holds up well under pressure. :)
my husband loves them very happy
Very well made and hold a lot
Very good if you buy it bigger! If you wear L buy it xL! Buy it bigger! BIGGER!!
Use this backpack for school. And it can fit my binder and notebooks. All the additional pockets and zippers really help too. Only dislike I have is I would much rather the zipper opening the bag in the front. It would make accessing my wallet when I'm running for the train much easier haha
Love my new purse! Not too big and not too small...just right!!
Just right cheaper than all the outlets
Pens que eran de licra y son de algodn quede insatisfecho con mi compra
It's sad that the prints are so terrible, because the solids are great. I saw the reviews about the prints, but thought the camo might be safe because....I'm dumb? In the size we got, the solid colors fit very well from 1 size smaller than listed (me) and 2 sizes larger than listed (my partner). I can barely get the print on and it's very uncomfortable. Gave them to my daughter who is at least 2 sizes smaller than listed. They also are scratchy and stay scratchy. They have been washed in warm water multiple times by now and, while they were slightly better after the first wash got rid of the starch, they are still unacceptably scratchy.