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Received the Italy made Aviator sunglasses in a timely manner. They are as described. Very sturdy even with seemingly thin side arms. The polarization is superb. The UV protection is just a bonus. They fit / wear well even without adjustment. Well worth the purchase price.
Very well made for the price.
my wife like the purse but it a lot smaller than she thought, we had to return it, but they were swift to refund our money. we will consider buying again but maybe for a gift for a younger person.
We bought 2 of these ponchos for the Elk Hunt and they were perfect. Thick and great quality. Will definitely refer them in the future.
Looks nothing like the photo
The yellow band doesn't work as intended, the moisture it should be blocking just saturates the fabric and just drips on your forehead anyway. Otherwise great materials, the Halo logo fell off after a few washes, I don't mind, it's more comfortable without it.
It was ok, not exactly what I expected, however being unfamiliar with xtemp may have been the problem. It will do what I need, but not as good as the picture looks.
It has a very nice design but my husband found it very small and stiff. It might be made like this for a purpose but my husband didn't like it. It also doesn't have enough card slots, in my husband opinion again. It's getting returned. : (
Beautiful wallet. Love this quick-access to my cards
This is a great wallet for men looking for a more compact wallet without having to have all of your credit cards/ID put into one pouch area. The cash money clip on the inside is great to. My husband loves it!
I started concealed carrying on a daily basis and wanted an undershirt that would stay tucked and not be too heavy for hot weather. These shirts are great, I'm 6', 250lbs and these come down past my waist.
There isn't too much to say about this chain. It fits good and the clasp is easy to operate. My wife loves the length!
Great value
I am disappointed with these Hanes "crew socks". They are too high. This seems to be a trend with Hanes "crew socks" -- they are more like knee-high socks like the "tube socks" we used to wear back in the late 70's to early 80's. Hanes crew socks used to go about midway up my calf muscle but the ones I have purchased the last two times go over the top of my calf muscle. I sent these back and picked up some Fruit of the Loom crew socks that aren't as tall. I don't understand why Hanes has started making its crew socks so tall -- is this the fashion trend or do they think everyone is Michael Jordan tall?
I use these all the time, I slimmed down my wallet and put it in my front jeans pocket, A) so that pickpockets won't swipe it in busy places (city streets, airports, trains, subways etc) and B) so that I don't get sciatica again from fat wallets in the back pocket.
 This bag only lasted 5 months to the day. Was headed in to shop and the strap just broke clean away.
Love Levi shorts
Geat wallet. My nephew loved it!
for the price they could have made it in USA just more corporate greed and consumer stupidity
Great shorts for the money. Sized well and very stretchy so if you need a size up these should be fine.
Good fit.
Followed label instructions dried on Low heat - significant shrinkage, too tight to wear now - instructions should say line dry. Fit was on the smaller size to start with. Liked the shirt tough - soft comfortable feel.
These things definitely shrink in the wash. Initially they're awesome quality and I loved the ones I'd received so much I ordered a second pack, but I realized after the first wash that they definitely lose a bit of their length and shrink in the wash. I chose fit as expected because, upon receipt, they really do fit as you'd expect them to. Kind of a shame as they seemed like a really good value.
My soon to be 3 year old granddaughter is between a 3t & 4t so I was unsure if this would fit but it worked great.
This is super cute and really well made.
Great socks! I've had to buy multiple times as the offspring agree, and constantly raid their dad's drawer.
Good sunglasses. Legit and everything and a really good deal. Should have figured this out earlier, but they don't suit my face well. I'm 5'6 and 150 lb, they look a little big for me.
The belt and buckles are nice designs, but there's some QC or manufacturing problem, as the buckle I received had a dent in it. The color didn't seem to match the picture on Amazon either, but it may be the reflections and angles the photos were taken at. The mfr. sent out a replacement, but again the buckle had issues - some scuff marks and 'bubbling' on the coating (not the plastic piece that tears off). It's not *entirely* noticeable, so I'll just accept it as is. i don't think the belts are worth the extra price until they fix those issues though.

One additional note: The grooves for where the buckle hooks in to the belt are different lengths for different belts. I thought that was a bit odd, but not really a huge minus as there's plenty of room for adjustment.
Beautiful necklace
The color was as shown. I liked the fact it came in a nice bag.