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Surprisingly comfortable
I have been searching for a commuter bag that meets my needs and this is the closest I have gotten finding one I am happy with. The bag is nylon, lightweight, has multiple compartments that work really well for my needs. I use it daily for commuting to work and it holds my iPad, wallet, meds, umbrella, and lunch. I wear it over my head because it does slip on my shoulder. While the bag does work for me I do wish the cellphone compartment were less flimsy as I struggle to put my cellphone in the compartment each time. Overall a good purchase.
Amazing matte frame and Blue lens colour, does a great job on clear sunny day. Screws might be slightly too tight. Overall, i am very happy. 5+.
Great socks!
As advertised. Accomdates 8 cards, compact, fits easily in pocket. Great design. Very happy with purchase.
It's ore "OVAL" shaped than round - but it's cute.
Kids loved playing with them!
Its nothing special, but it gets the job done. Recommended.
Good quality, excellent sun protection. Highly recommend
Very long for a medium which I like (as a tall skinny person, 6' but 150lbs), but they've changed the style since the last time I purchased. Seems to be way tighter on the neck and sleeves than before.
I especially like the larger size of these sox
Great pair of glasses
I admit I have a lot of handbags, but nothing compact and sporty for when I'm running around in sneakers. I'm not at all familiar with the Kipling brand (!), but their bags came up in my search. They're so cute! I can definitely see why they'd have a trendy following. I noticed that several other Amazon reviews were written by Disney theme park-goers, and that cinched my purchase. (My in-laws and niece live near a Disney park and, alas, I am never carrying the "right" bag.)

I bought the white one, although I was hesitant because another reviewer didn't like the pale gray strap, which they felt was mismatched to the bag. Once the bag arrived, however, I could see that the strap actually matches the plastic of the exterior zipper pull, as well as the hanging monkey charm.

I realize us$25 is a steep price for a bag of such diminutive size (and I really would have struggled with the "list price"), but I really don't mind as long as the bag is well made. This bag has excellent stitching -- no loose ends or snags to be found -- and seems as sturdy as a lightweight bag could possibly be. The chrome hardware appears to be especially durable.

There are a lot of subtle design details; there's even a Kipling logo on the strap's sliding buckle! (Again, this is my first Kipling bag, so everything is fresh and amazing to me.) The flap snaps shut with a satisfying clack, as the snap itself is magnetic. I like the built-in key leash, and I especially like the metal charm loop, which appears to be standard on all Kipling bags. (To the charm loop I added a reflective star, so cars might have a better chance of seeing me, plus a white Tile tracker -- I have misplaced this bag several times since buying it!!)

The bag itself is surprisingly capacious despite its pint size. It has two zippered pockets, one inside and another right on the exterior flap. In the main interior I can fit an iPhone Pro Max, a spare battery of similar size, gum and a pack of cigarettes, a 30ml tube of hand cream, a small card-wallet, a few tubes of lipstick, and a pill bottle.

Within five minutes of receiving this bag I actually spilled chicken soup all over it, and I SCREAMED. Then I started laughing with relief as I realized that the chicken soup was beading up on the fabric, and I wiped it away with my sleeve. The bag is made of a nylon "windbreaker" material, similar to a Baggalini bag, so of course it's chicken soup-proof!

In conclusion, I love this practical little crossbody pouch. It definitely won't be my last Kipling bag -- which is really saying something, since I only wear gold tones and therefore avoid silver hardware on my bags! (I wish Kipling would make bags with gold hardware, as well, but I don't get the sense they'd consider my suggestion.)
Would recommend
Bigger than average for mens . I stole my husbands old pants and butt was tight in xl so I went 2 xl. Nope. Dont do it! Good quality
Comfortable fit , looking for a quality sock for my hike up pikes peak, performed well, did not have problem with blisters on hike. Using them for my work socks as well.
Initial thought after opening this wallet....LOVE IT!!! I have to admit that when I ordered this one, I was a little worried about it looking/feeling fake because of the texture in the picture. However, I was so excited to see that it is a very soft leather with great texture and color. I mainly picked it because of its overall size and its many card slots. And I can happily say that neither of these disappointed! I has so much storage (including room for my phone and checkbook)! I am picky about wallets so I am always leary if buying online where I cant physically see or touch the product. I have to say that this one has exceeded my expectations and I will very likely buy from this company again (maybe even the exact same wallet in a different color)!!
Note: I also purchased the ItsLife waxed khaki wallet. It, too, is really nice. Seems that this company produces quality products and have added one more loyal customer to their ranks!!
All of my sons and their friends love these!
Stylish and light weight, comfortable.
Nose rest a bit wide.
Perfect for work to bring lunch, books, newspaper - whatever. It's quality and looks more expensive than it was. It can be used for anything: work, beach, instead of a heavier leather bag on the weekend. I love it and recommend it.
Very nice. Worth the money and looks great
Cute and very fashion forward
This bracelet was perfect for my friend 40th shipping I have prime
Good quality will make another purchase from this vendor!
Perfect replacement. Has worked well so far!
The bags come stuffed in a small box, for the price I would say they're okay. I would not order again. Also I ordered silver and was sent rose gold. They do not match anything that will be at my wedding so unfortunately they will not be worn the day of.
Good fitting
A decent product an average pair of underwear. The best thing about these underwear is the elastic that holds them up otherwise somewhat then but not the thinnest I've had.
Wonderful. Perfect fit. Lots of goodies included
Warm, comfy, fits well for my daughter.