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It is a nice size and easy carry
These sunglasses are amazing. I was looking for a replacement for some lost Rayban aviators. These came up in a search and everyone said they were great so I went to a local store and tried these and Rayban aviators on. There is no comparison. The Raybans seemed SO heavy compared to these and the lenses were not as crisp. Having had both, these are definitely worth the extra money. I'm thinking of buying them in another color. I was hesitant to buy from Amazon, but it turned out great.
i love these shirts! i buy them each year for husband.
Nice pullover.
Super cute
I really like the shirts that I ordered they fit nice and they are a very good value. The only drawback is I thought they would be a little heavier material.
Very classy
I don't usually get excited about socks but I LOVE these socks!
Bought this for my Granddaughter
They are so pretty, very light! I wear them for a month, swam in a pool with them a couple of times, they have kept their brilliance and color!
The glasses looked like what I expected; but they were a bit big (loose) for female glasses.
Love the quality for the price
one wash and this thing was pretty much up to my belly button. i look ridiculous wearing it.
Decided on this one because it held a lot and came in an odd color - gray. When it arrived I was disappointed in two things. First, they sent light brown, not gray. Second, I put my cards into the wallet and the lowest two overlapped completely. In the photo they all fit and you can see each one. However, this is not true because the design (vertical insert instead of horizontal) does not provide enough room for the front most card to allow the one behind it to be seen or accessed (on both sides). This is too bad because otherwise the wallet felt soft and durable. Returned
Just personal preference. I have a problem with blisters but these socks made my feet hurt more. Maybe they take some getting used to, but I don't think I'll be trying them again to find out.
 These sunglasses are crazy awesome! The shipping came faster than I expected it to. SCORE! I let my dad review them for me, and he really likes them. The only thing he doesnt like is how they are white. Hes more of a black sunglasses type of guy. I love them, and the color the way they are, though.

When you put these sunglasses on outside in the bright sun, they shield it like you would never believe. Its like the bright sun isnt even there. I love how the ends are unbreakable. Definitely a plus. My dad breaks everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything! Finally something he cant break. He wears them all the time. He really likes them.

5 stars for this product! Great packaging! Came with a hard case and string to attach to the glasses and a cloth to clean them. Do damage came to the product. It was perfect! Highly recommend!
Love it
My husband loves these! Fit him so well! Perfect for winter work wear!
Purchased as a gift. Very stylish and the Singapore chain is very attractive.
Nice product & well designed and made. Only negative comment is that the overall bag size is not clearly evident anywhere, therefore
it is much smaller than it appears. Pictures look larger than the approximate 12" width and 9" depth. Since it was too small to suit the ladies
in our family, we gifted it to a friend who loves the size, color & construction. If size is no objection consider this bag a very nice product
with many access
These were super small, I gave them to my five year old brother and he seems to like them though.
Comfy! Got it in several colors. Got a large as a female that is 5'4 and 135 pds (wanted a somewhat baggy sweater) and it was perfect... so soft.
Bought it for my wife and she loves it
Great wallet
Great robe! Very comfortable and perfect for the price. Its actually too warm for me but I usually wear shorts outside in Buffalo, NY during winter so take it for what its worth.
Completely tarnished when I opened the package
Yes I have an expensive gift wallet like $150. I prefer this one to hold my numerous credit cards, cash etc in a small package.
I prefer these over my Ray Ban clubmaster...same visual clarity and more lightweight. No heartbreak is lost or stolen.
This product could be dangerous to drivers. Please do your research. I did some research after noticing that there was no noticeable improvement to my night vision from this product (it just tints everything yellow). Doctors warn against using products such as this and say that it is likely not effective and could even be dangerous to drivers. I didn't really like that the product had a strong chemical smell either. If you're worried about your nighttime vision I suggest making sure your prescription glasses are up-to-date with a high quality anti-reflective (AR) coating, keeping your glasses, windshield and headlights clean and talking to your doctor about treating any eye conditions you may have. This product would likely be more useful when trying to block out blue light when using devices at night to help with sleep patterns. I appreciate that the company took back my return.
Good quality product, arrived on time. Fits perfectly. Material is good.