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Worked as promised.
This is a great price for a pullover sweatshirt. These are great to have around to throw on when you need to run out to get the mail or work in the yard or whatever. I would never wear this anywhere but around the house and for the price it is perfect for that.
as described
A little difficult to get cards out if more than one are in a pocket, otherwise Im happy with this product
Has good support but not tight.
Comfortable with great support.
Great confidence booster but it is not something I would wear every day.
I was looking for an everyday bag which is both fashionable and functional and found this one. It's also very sturdy and the materials used are of nice quality. I really like the details on this bag and the tassel is a nice touch. There are many zippered pockets, 5 total, plus one open pocket on each side to keep your stuff secured and organized. This bag is really a must for a person who's always on the go!
The size is too long and big.
It's like XL size.
To bad.
My granddaughter loved this watch she is only 5 and wears it proudly
I like the stretch for comfort. I like the deep dark black color. 10 washes and minimal fading so far. They pass nicely for office casual work wear. Im heavy , not too tall ( 5'8"-250lb) and they fit my potato body just fine.
Very soft. My kids colored them with a sharpie and game then to my Dad as Birthday gifts. He loves them....says not just b/c the grandkids gave them to him but they are also very soft!!!
Good value!
Loved the color and very easy to wear across your chest
Excellent bag
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. I've bought her the Sak brand before and she liked it also,its a good quality product.
These shorts are the worst pair of shorts I have ever owned. Waist has almost no stretch. I climb ladders alot and you have to wear them pulled up really high so the crotch itsnt restrictive when you move your legs to climb. Material has no flex to it. Feel very weird to wear.
Amazing deal and shirts. I've been telling everyone about this.
slim design and good security
Too big to be used as a gaiter, just falls off my face. Works great as a big head band.
The item was not what I expected. Very thin and the crown was very low not allowing air flow. Did not like how the brim was so stiff, the fit was not the best but would have just been ok. I am returning this item.
I love the purse, but I wish it were just a little bigger now that I have a bigger smart phone. That is my fault, though. I'm the one who wanted a smaller purse instead of this giant one I'm using now.
The wallet came and the side of the wallet was not sewn together. The return was quick and easy and there was absolutely no problems.
I would recommend the seller but not the product.
I've had this product for two months. During the two months I've literally had it on almost everyday. I wore it to the gym, in the shower, swimming, I've wore it to work (where I wear boots and sweat). Everywhere. I only took it off if it didn't go with my outfit that day/night.
It has just now began to turn my ankle a bit green (which I noticed after a sweaty yoga sesh). A lot of the gold plating has chipped or been scratched off although I don't think anyone can tell unless they're really trying to bend down and examine it.

I would buy it again because it is so cheap and it considering it took two months of constant wear and abuse to finally reveal the cheaper metal underneath. I'm sure if I took care of it properly like not wearing in the shower or to the gym and work it would have lasted much longer.
I had zero problems with the clasp, very secure. Does not break easy. My only real problem would be the occasional snagging of my clothes of the elephant trunk.
Do not buy! Charm turned brown and stones changed color or came out!
I purchased this bag specifically for a trip abroad and used it every single day. It has multiple interior/exterior pockets and kept all of my documents etc... well organized. There is a larger compartment that is ideal for maps and smaller guide books. I packed a lot in it yet it still seemed light weight. It is well made and durable.
feel good and fit as they should.
Nice looking watch but didn't work when we for it.
Loved it sooo cute Momma and lil one
The quality is Ok. I wish the zipper compartment was larger as I keep my change, bills and ATM card in this area so I don't need to open the entire wallet when I make a purchase in a store. Until I find another, I'll use this.