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Very nice, enjoyed by the recipient
I received my order of Wurkin Stiffs three months ago. Since then, I have used one of the three pairs once and a different pair two days ago. After removing them from my shirt 4 hours later, one of the magnets chipped off. When going back into the Amazon app to setup a return, it read the following.. "Return window closed on February 26, 2019"
Perfect size for my glasses but the case doesn't want to completely shut. Luckily my sunglasses came with a cloth bag so to help protect them from dust and debri I place them in the bag before putting them in the case. Still works for me but wanted to make others aware of that slight flaw.
Soft and comfortable. I'm a big fan of the Amazon Essentials clothes and hope they expand the line.
Awesome hat, love the camo pattern. Sheds rain well.
Beautiful purse large with lots of pockets
I'm 6"2, 160 lb. and it didn't fit me, overall quality is good.
Muy buenas
I'm so bummed , I really liked the set and all the pockets in everything, however after only 1 day of use, all the threading was coming out of the wallet , not holding the cards, all the zippers were constantly getting stuck. I did return the items and would not recommend this product
Pants too short (28.5 inseam versus stated length of 30
Flimsy material...not real jeans
I love the color and quality
Awesome glasses. I like them so much I ordered 2 more pairs in yellow for night driving.
Love it great quality and well made
Terrible quality, my girlfriend never washes her hands with her jewelry on and makes sure shes careful with taking care of her rings, this ring tarnished with in the first week and that is not the quality I expect from Pandora
I like the bag, not love. It is "vegan" leather, being a Fossil handbag I thought it would be true leather. Other than that I love the style and colors of the bag. It is perfect for those time when you don't need a large bag.
It is a very good hat. I had no idea how big my head was, so I just got a small/medium. It fits partially, but is slightly tight, but that's my fault for having not measured my head, not the seller's. Very good material, and very nice and professional hat to wear to work. (:
Almost everything is perfect on the trucker style, except for the length. I'm 5' 7" and I have to tighten them almost all the way up. that puts the leather piece right below the back of my neck which bunches up my shirt so I have to constantly fix it. It's maddening!
Please, please, please make a version for short people so I can change this to a 5 star...
Beautiful!! I love these earrings.
Fit and style is everything expected.
Super customer friendly
Permit fit for my Dad!
Should of fit...did not fit i even got a size bigger and still snug not comfy
I wear a 7 3/4 and it fits like a Yarmulke but it fit my girlfriend quite nicely and she like it so i will call it a win
Bought many gold toe socks before...However, these have a lot of fuzz balls after numerous washings. Take your socks off, jump in shower and see nothing but fuzz balls coming off your feet.
Good socks at a good price.....
Perfect fit! My husband loved them.
Love this purse. Fashionable yet lightweight and comfortable. Keeps my items safe and can't be cut off my shoulder.
i just received mine today, and its amazing. it comfortable and big. Im wearing it right now, but theres one thing I would change, the neck hole is only a little bit too small. Other than that its great!
As a tall woman, I love men's fit for a lot of things. This robe is a great fit and is a nice lightweight cotton that is easy to clean and comfy to wear.
for our Idaho winter in the Valley of the Sun they are perfect......