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Great Belt!
Light and comfortable, looked exactly like photo. Very happy with he purchase!
Ive been around since the first days of Amazon. Great company and model. With that said these socks are the best Ive ever owned. Over half a century of searching for great socks...I found them!!! Donated ALL my other socks and ordered replacements with Wander socks! Best socks ever! I wanted socks that I could sleep in..these are those. Be confident, buy a pair and try them. Everyone is different. For me...simply perfection.
Very impressed with this item.
They almost look to nice for work pants.
These handkerchiefs soften after the first wash.
I tried the large size for this hat and even with the stretch fit, it still felt a little tight. The quality of the hat was very good but you really have to just try to see if it will fit your head.
I was looking for small earrings for my third hole and these are perfect. I've had them about two weeks and wear them almost everyday.
I got this for my friend and he really liked it, thought it was good quality and smelled like real leather.
Very good
Love everything about it
I bought this for a gift for my husband who is a USMC Veteran and he loves it. Its made with great quality and was packaged really well. I will definitely buy from this company again.
At last! The perfect-sized purse, lightweight, plenty of room inside and lots of pockets outside. Can't beat it for the price!
Like the fact can change color of the lenses, comfortable fit.
I wanted to love these and hoped they would exfoliate like nothing I've ever seen before per the comments posted..

They are literally just exfoliating washcloths, nothing special or spectacular. You could get the same results at home with a regular washcloth if you scrub your skin.. which is what you're doing with these anyways. I did use these gently on my face and they exfoliated well so that's at least something good.
husband is a huge fan of these.
cold Michigan winter
Light weight and well made
good item
This product appealed to me because I didn't like having 8 keys on a round key ring in my pocket which poked my thighs. This product also made it look more organized. There is nothing special about this product. Its just two pieces of plastic that holds your keys with screws. Nothing broke but the biggest problem that I had was trying to get the right key open using one hand to open the door. It either took me too much time or I had to put down whatever was in my hand so I can select the right key with one hand. To avoid this I loosened the screws so the keys can fall out and I can select the right key. When I loosed the screws, I had the same problem of the keys poking by thighs (actually worse since when the keys were on this holder then there is no give). I have noticed that I have holes/tears in my pants pockets now since I have been using this product. I think this key ring would work if you have a two to four keys but does not work if you have more than four keys. But then again if you only have less than four keys, you really don't need this product. I think this is just great marketing but hasn't worked out for me.
This was my first time buy boxers briefs online and these came has the prefect fit ,loving them and will get more
Great shirt for exercise and casual wear. Fits well and very comfortable.
Great product, love the pull tag for card
Very nice buckle. I just think it could be a little heavier/ sturdier for the $$
Good product
Fits great!
Haven't used this for long but I really like it. Very minimal design and great quality. Fits all my cards and cash. I've used several minimalist wallets in the past but nothing this good.
Received socks about a week ago and they fit well and are comfortable. Lightweight for summer use and don't cut off circulation in my legs. I would buy these again. I can't say anything about durability yet, but they seem to be made very well.