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Love!!! Love the color and shape. It's not just red. It's a mixture of blue green and red.
This purse is amazing. I will get it in a different color. And thanks for the little surprise
I had to adjust both the claspers and adjusters. One of each did not hold securely.
This wallet is Very Big and Heavy. Much to big to fit into several handbags I carry.
Received it today and sending it back tomorrow.
Compre estos aretes hace casi un ao y siguen prefectos, nunca me los he quitado y ni han perdido el color, muy pero muy buenos.
My older sister has a real LV bag . Compared to hers which was in the 2 thousand dollar ranch brand new ....I WILL WEAR THIS ONE PROUDLY CAUSE IT IS SO SIMILAR without the heavy pricetag.
If you really want to get sassy with decorating this bag head on over to et__ handmade craft site and buy bag charms .
Nice looking, too reflective In my opinion. Would of thought the wood would of be exposed instead of encased in a protective layer of acrylic. Still a nice piece for the price.
I love it! Its big enough that all of my stuff can be kept in one place but still not to big for me to be able to drop it in my favorite cross body or diaper bag. Ive gotten a ton of compliments on how cute it is as well.
Lost one within a week because the back came off.
The purse is great. Plenty of room in it and the wallet is perfect to take out and use on its own if needed. Also fits my phone
Fits perfect
Too large!
Just the right size! Great as a back pack and crossover bag.
Love, love, love my little purses! The bag I carried had become far too heavy for my torn rotator cuff shoulders to carry, so I purchased this much smaller bag so I would only carry the "essentials". Pleasantly discovered I did not need all the "stuff" I had been painfully lugging around. So stylish, comes in many lovely colors (I also bought the red purse), quality materials, has a shoulder/across the body and a hand strap, and thought has been put into design and construction for maximum utilization. And did I mention the quality zippers that are used? Priced under $20... what's not to love! I receive frequent compliments and tell people to go to Amazon to buy these little gems! Spring is coming so I think I need to add a few more colors to my collection!!
He said that they were the right size
Im a 55 130 woman and bought a small. It was smaller than I thought a mens small would be, but I like the fit to wear under coats.
Love these socks! They help so much with my feet that I will never wear another at work sock again. On my feet all day and get hot spots between my toes because of some crooked toes that I have and these socks cured me from those itchy hot spots. Because my weight is now being dispersed evenly through my toes, creating healthy space between them. Stopping unwanted callouses and hot spots. Thanks Fun Toes
Seriously, $15 bucks for this shirt is amazing. It's better quality than a Nordstrom polo I bought last year for 3 times the price. Amazon rocks again!
comfortable, just a little snug, but still a good shirt
They are a great fit very breathable. There was a very fast turnaround
Great shades
My son has had these for over a year and there still in perfect condition. No rips or anything. He goes thru shoes like crazy. And these socks have held up better then his shoes.
Was very worried about receiving a pair of fake oakleys, after reading previous reviews but after they showed up and watched a couple you tube videos these are the real deal
They arrived quicker than expected and they're fine to me. Highly encourage others to buy.
I like these t-shirts. They are perfect for wearing under dress shirts. Very light and comfortable.
 I love Sojos sooo much! Theyre products are amazing quality and its a no brainer as to why I keep coming back! Their selection of sunglasses are INCREDIBLE and on trend! Very stylish and great quality! This is probably my favorite pair I own ~ so far~ I will definitely be coming back!!
Almost great
Bought these for my husband. These are for Big and Tall Men. Again, the Gold Toe brand is the best. Good arch support.
My husband loves them. Great buy. Thank you.
They don't stretch out, they're comfortable, and the extra length makes sure they won't become untucked throughout the day. Remember this isn't a tank top, it's meant to be worn tucked in and under clothing. And at this price? I can't imagine finding a better deal than this.
We bought this because of the alarm. When my daughter is playing at the neighbors, we set the alarm so she knows when to come home. Its been great so far.