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good for hot days and sun protection
Love this bag, its cute and has enough room for a good amount of things.
Great shirt and it does not sag when you put something in the pocket.
Great product.
Great wallet to carry my cards. It fits perfectly in my jeans pocket. Satisfied to get it.

Update: So satisfied with it!
Really great socks, I love them and will order more!
I love them.
LOVE these. Delicate but awesome case protects.
This is a very nice looking hat. I've always had a hard time finding a quality hat without a huge crown on it. This has a low crown and fits very well.
The watch broke soon after she put it on. The watch band busted. I understand its inexpensive but 20 minutes worth of wear is a little absurd.
They were very tight/small.
I bought as a gift .... I have heard of no complaints
Fit was perfect.
i feel like a ninja
I love my new thread wallet. Great floral print. Very functional. Very convenient for holding my debit card with my keys. LOVE THREAD WALLET!!!
Most are too small to use as anklets. The strings from tightening the bracelets stick out everywhere. Many also fell apart within days.
I'm a nurse and bought this bag to tote my many accumulated things back and forth to work. It's very functional but also cute. I like that I can keep my keys in the small inside pocket so they don't get swallowed in the abyss of pens and snacks.
Bought for a friend. He loves them.
Great belts, fit was right, sturdy buckles, but the brown is really a gold/green sparkly color not as shown
Could not ask for better everyday suspenders. Exactly as the should be. Thanks.
Had to return. The buckle was really cheap,
7/24/18 - Chinese crap, what do you expect. The chains kept breaking and I had to keep pliers in the car because they would break every time I would get in or out of the car. I eventually bought good chain for purses and changed out the sh*t chain with the good chain. No problems breaking now, but the...fabric....pleather....faux starting to show wear. The stitching in the moon is starting to come undone and I only use it during the weekends when I go out and don't want to take a lot of stuff with me. I'm going to use it until it dies then it's getting buried in the back yard.
8/23/18 - EDIT - now the liner on the inside of the purse is starting to separate from the ...pleather....faux leather.....stuff. Too bad it's crap. I actually liked the style of the purse, but I don't think I'm going to buy another one.
I'm getting more
My husband love these socks.
light weight, good quality, easy adjusted.
Color is good. Style and size are great. Just wish you put more holes in the strap for short girls.
Fit good. Exactly what was described