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i got this for my mother in law for christmas and she loved them. they were very beautiful. they are plastic but not fragile enough that they break.
It's real pretty and good quality. The girlfriend loves it.
Looks sooo good
I love this wallet! If you're looking for a money clip wallet, this is for you! Very slim. ID slot and three credit card slots. The magnet that holds the clip on is strong enough that i don't worry about losing my cash. The best part is that its so slim and so light that I can tell it's in my pocket, but it is never annoying. Great purchase for the nice low price and the added bonus of a nice mesh pouch that i added to my golf bag to hold my rosin sack.
Fits my laptop - makes the commute to work super easy!
Fianc loves this! Great buy.
I mailed my broken Maui Jim in a week ago for repairs and got them back in 7 days repaired. Out standing job on the repair they look new again, I think this is one of the few company's you can do the repairs like this. Thanks again,
These socks are the best for yoga or just hanging out at home. I'm not a fan of walking around barefoot in a yoga studio. There are too many opportunities to pick up athlete's foot and wearing socks is too slippery. These socks fix both issues. Love them.
These work good if you want to keep your pants up. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend them.
When arrived is more beautiful than the picture!
This hat is perfect. Its comfortable and does not give me headaches unlike expensive hats. The cap is adjustable. Must have for everyone.
Cool design. Comfortable fit.
The center seam on the hat is not centered with the bill, I did not notice until I glued a patch on centered to the seam. Looks like poop with it off center to the bill. Loss of $10 seeing as I can not sell or return this hat now.
The only thing that fits as expected is the waist. Bought these for backup to my 4yo c9 power cool shorts I use for strenuous work with lots of walking/squatting, so that's my basis. These are no where near the same. Nothing "elite" about them. Might as well wear Hanes. Be very aware this is a cotton/poly/spandex blend. Power Cool shorts are thinner but 92/8 poly spandex and mine have held their shape through the years. They seem to be worth the extra (about 2x more expensive) if you can find them tagless, but Amazon reviews lead me to believe those aren't on here (red circle with the red dot dept. store might be your best bet...). Inseam on these is shorter, legs are looser. My thighs are 25" around and legs ride up like mad. Not sure if these are meant to be snug fit, but they form to my thighs very loosely and ride up with every move. It's so bad that I can't use them. Nothing like constant adjustment vs. a thick bundle of cotton rubbing your crotch for a 10hr shift. Unless you've got chicken legs and like a very loose fit or have monsterous things and want a snug "might hold" fit, don't waste your time. Even with bigger thighs, I doubt the poly/spandex would hold with the cotton wanting to give way.

If I was smart enough to keep the packaging I'd return in a heartbeat. Seller, if I can return w/o, please message me.
These shirts were perfect for my 65 son. They are long enough to cover his belt and back while bending to work.
I purchased this watch for my daughter for Christmas. It stopped working the following month. She now just wears it as a bracelet.
The size of a credit card, durable, sexy, light..its the perfect EDC wallet.
Great for everyday wear
great it
Love the shirts.
The belt is a little thin but a good value for the price.
It is an US sizes, bigger than the EU standard. Pay attention
The last two black belts I purchased fell apart no long after I started using it. This belt has a solid feel, high quality leather, and tight sticking that should provide long term use. Also, the size is true to its specification and fits comfortably without too much slack or tightness.
I love the feel and thickness of the belt. It looks great.
I wish there were a choice of buckles.
I did not like that I had so much trouble releasing the belt one time that I thought I was going to have to cut it off. I am a little hesitant to wear it since.
It was very pretty but I didnt like that the chain it was so short. My husband had to put a longer chain now it works perfectly. I couldnt put my bracelet on with the chain that it came with.
Love it, exactly what I expected
This product came packaged and was spot on for the designs. Comfy he says very all-day-wearable-material.
Great socks
The quality was excellent. The slots for cards were a bit tight for to get my cards in I'm guessing that with wear it will be easier to get my cards out and back in.