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The metal these are made with hurt my ears and they are fairly heavy for a hoop earring so that makes them extra uncomfortable. Theyre a great price but I would not purchase or recommend them.
working as planned
Comfortable and breathable!
My wife and I have both worn these exact glasses for the past couple years. She has the root bear color and I have black. We both actually have lost a pair and both purchased same ones again. They are that great. They are supper light and you can barley feel them on your face, however, they stay on well and I've never had them fall off my face. Best part is they are about $30-$50 cheaper on Amazon then in a store. I highly recommend these. I wear them everyday.
warm and stay up and I Love Them
So I ordered a small and the top was so large the pants were ok bt still not really a good fit
Great for travel, but when at home go with cotton.
Fits & works great. I love it.
The two, side buckles ruin the look of the cap, and hurt your ears. Cut them off and sew the straps over the snaps. Problem solved. The caps look OK, but just OK. Good deal, for the money, though.
Correspodent to price, i like it :)
my daughter loved it.
Just as advertised
Great price great fit
Just love these shorts. Great fit, nice fabric, seem to be well made. I like the pockets especially: wallet fits easily in rear pocket, front pockets are deep and left one has an inside keys pocket, and the cellphone pocket is a great feature. Buy these shorts.
So soft and comfortable. Love the quality and look of the hoodie.
It's been years since I purchased sweatpants and from what I've been reading in the reviews of several brands... they aren't made as well as they use to be.

That's pretty shocking to me... I mean... they are sweatpants! How #$#&*! difficult can it be to make a decent pair!?

So I was actually kinda concerned when reading reviews of Russell & Champion brands (my previous brands of choice) that were much less than stellar.

I inspected these Amazon sweatpants pretty thoroughly upon arrival.... looking for defects or weaknesses in construction. Thankfully, I didn't find anything to be concerned about. I'm not crazy about the fabric blend (preferring 100% cotton) but they are comfortable and warm.

If they last as long as my previous pairs.. I'll be happy.
They are very soft and I really like the long length.
Absolutely love it. Smells real good and is a great size. Worth every penny.
I bought these to keep from slipping on my wood tile floors. Does the trick.
Bought this for my tween daughter. It fits great and works perfectly! She loves it!
Quality leather and appears to be very durable. Ive received a lot of compliments on it. Also its been great for cold weather and with the removable hood it has weather flexibility. Great aviator look!
I love this purse. But has began to tear at the inside seams
Good price well made I like them/
Great product. Fits easily in front pocket.
I bought these for my dad. He loves wearing them around the house. He wouldn't be caught dead wearing these out and about or even to the gym.
Great gift! It comes packaged including a little gift bag.