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It was better than I hoped it would be. Thanks for the great deal!!
Comfortable and warm. Most likely gonna order another one.
Look good when driving the 1930 Ford Model A Roadster.
I don't think they are actually relaxed fit. My son does like them though.
Elastic band is too tight. Will give you a headache in a couple of hours.
Awesome case! Very sturdy, good quality and cheaper than you would find it in the Oakley stores!
Good fit great for a hot summer day
Loved it!!!
Husband wanted a nice leather belt for Christmas. He is extremely happy with this belt! Will be ordering the Bourne one for him next!
I am pleased with my Scarleton purse.
Belt does not fit through any standard size belt loops. You'd have to be a 95 year old man wearing suspender sized belt loops to get this belt to fit. Waste of time and resources.
Fit great. No issues whatsoever.
Great pair of sun glasses.
Cheap looking
Honestly the best wallet I've ever owned. Holds all my cards and they are easily accessible without having issues taking them out or putting them back in. The zipper pouch holds my cash. The way it folds makes this wallet super thin and convenient. No more bulky annoying wallets. I hit the wallet jackpot!
would order again
I really like the design
Fan of most Carhartt jeans.
Should have gotten a bigger size.
Its perfect, I love that it has room for the important things I need and comfortable to use!
A very good pair of socks for the price. I've been wearing these for a couple months now and have run them through the washer and dryer numerous times. I've noticed no wear from normal use. I'm not a person who wears only socks throughout the house so I can't comment on wear patterns when used as the only buffer between floor and flesh. The "tab" of fabric that rises on the heel is a little out of the ordinary for appearance, but actually covers my foot well wearing hiking shoes. I have absolutely no complaints and would recommend these to a friend.
top elastic band isn't all the way attached.
Nice product, works quite well.
Perfect size and perfect space and pockets. Better than I even expected
Ok,I have had these nite driving glasses a few a traveling caregiver and homemaker,,I drive my clients at nite ,I have more confidence and being safe at nite, in Connecticut i travel up,down,around mountians and these new cars with headlites kill my eyes at nite,roads are small and when cars come over top a hill the lite is blinding,,these nite glasses are GREAT. I STILL can see,and when it rains and snow these new car headlites on the road its like a mirror,it was awful I'd have to pull over at times or go so slow so I wouldn't go off the eyes are not stressed or squinted at nite driving,I have tried ALOT of nite glasses,,flipups,,these are the BEST for me I used to hate driving at nite ,,now with my job these are the first thing I grab for when getting in my car at nite,I ware them over my regular glasses ,they fit and are comfortable,I have full view,they are lite,and clean nice,,I wish I had found these nite glasses along time RECOMMEND these glasses to anyone driving at nite,they come with a sturdy case and cleaning cloth,,I WILL BE BUYING 2 MORE FOR MY PURSE
And keep spare at the house,
This is a very cute bag. Plenty of room to use on a daily basis and has room for everything I need. My only complaint is that the zippers are a little bit stiff.
Far too long, I'm 5'6" and the shirt was halfway down to my knees and the v neck ended at the bottom of my sternum. The fit across chest was correct (I have a 36" chest) but no joke these were like a dress. Unfortunately if you're 5'6" or shorter you're not going to want these.
These are a little longer than the v necks of the same size, but for me that's a benefit since the v necks were a little too short for tucking in. Fits as expected.
Love these bags. Easy to organize and many areas to fill. Lasts forever. Washes well.
These socks were huge, they are extremely loose fitting. I had to tie my shoes extra tight to compensate for this issue. The size on the package says that these socks fit sizes 6-12 and I wear size 10.5. So something went wrong there. They are also extremely course and rough. Since they are loose fitting, they scratch my feet even with my laces tied tight. After an entire workday in these it feels wonderful taking them off. I do not recommend anyone buying these. I feel ripped off.