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I bought these as a Christmas gift for my wife, and she loves it. She's constantly been having to push her glasses up from sliding down her nose. She's only been wearing the strap for a couple hours and already loves it! Definitely recommend this product.
This item came to us and not even after a couple of wears began to rip and tear on the top.
I was expecting something moretogether? Than what I got. We saw it with my dad and it looked like a very thin wallet with plastic inside but we got two pieces of aluminum and a rubber band for $15I don't think this was worth it and watching my dad juggle the cards at thw supermarket trying not to drop them all is far from ideal. Yes the aluminum is nice but I almost wish the plates were connected.
Es muy buena tela pero no se puede ajustar si tienes cara delgada o pequea no se puede ajustar pero de ah todo bien
Good cheap little boho bag. Thank you
Very well made, the elephant pattern is so detailed. Great as a gift and the quality is worth more than what you pay! Great deal great product
Bought these for my husband. He prefers Under Armor but these looked similar in quality and about 1/2 the price so we tried it. He likes them.
Love the cotton feel, super slick on tile though so be careful walking around your house! But great deal, get 12 pairs For less then $14, cant beat that!
I used to have one of those carbon fiber credit cards with money clip only wallets. It wasn't bad, but it was kind of damaging the cards by scratching them. I didn't want to use a normal wallet as normal wallets usually have maybe 3-6 slots for cards. I needed something with a lot more than that. This wallet has a lot of slots, Not just for cards, but for bills as well. Worth it.
When I wear shoes that tie.
The only reason I didn't give a 5 star is because I have not noticed a noticeable difference in headaches or eye strain. But I absolutely OBSESSED with the look of these. My eye doctor told me I don't need glasses anymore but I wanted to still get a cute pair so these were perfect! I get SOOO many compliments on them! These are a FABULOUS accessory to any outfit!
Absolutely liked the shape and brim plus the size. Price is spot on.
very happy - think i was smart to get 6 socks the same color in case any get lost (in the drier)
Great product. I love wearing them, and hardly notice them. They could have a little more ability to make them smaller, which is my only issue
love it...fits nicelyon my white nightstand.
When you first step into the shirt. Being new it will be a tight fit. But that is expected of a compression type shirt. But a very well made shirt overall.
I have worn Gold Toe for a number of years. I like their regular socks along with their athletic socks. As someone with big feet, the fact that they have the larger sizes is very important. The fit is what keeps me coming back.

Unfortunately, the local stores stopped selling the bigger socks. I was glad to find them on Amazon.
Love these glasses! Previously purchased only very inexpensive and low quality reading glasses, none of which lasted very long, scratching easily and earpieces falling off. I decided to order these for blue-light blocking feature. These glasses are so nice, especially for low price. They are very lightweight, and earpieces are flexible. Best of all, headaches greatly reduced, even with a lot of screen time. Just ordered another pair. They also look great!
Feel good for the first boxer briefs I have owned.
Fit as described
Love them! Absolutely worth every penny!
These were absolutely adorable. The quality is well worth the price. Excellent buy
Awesome product
Totally love this wallet!!!! I was looking for a good wallet that would also keep my information secure, and I surely found it!!!!!!!!! And its such a pretty color. Thank you.
Love it!
fast shipping. The look and quality is very good! !! At the beginning I was afraid of getting something is not as good as the picture showed; however this black hat is awesome!! for many times got something from online, did not expect the item is as good as the pictures. but this time really makes me happy! I am wearing it almost everyday now. and feel so good when wearing it! Thanks so much for providing this great item!
Good product in time delivery
Very nice quality for the price. Nice job amazon. Great product for the price. Leather is very nice. And Im sure its easier to buy a purse like this every year at $83 rather than buy a designer label. This leather feeels like a designer. Very nice. Will probably hold my new 17 computer. So psyched about that.
I can't see the glare reduction when I wear them, so I doubt they're really polarized.
Love it and use it all the time