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Outstanding, at a good price
It is a little bigger than I was expecting. Still nice and the color is great. Only thing I don't care for is the gold zipper. I would have preferred an option for silver. Other than that I would recommend.
Great quality. Highly recommend.
Just right - beautiful
Almost no stretch to the material, one or two very tight threads in the 'elastic' at the bottom of the legs, with no give at all. Insanely uncomfortable. As long as I do nothing but stand, they're ok. As soon as I move, they tug, rub, etc. Almost like they're too small, but they're actually just a tad loose.
Very happy!!!
Beautiful! Love the details! Very comfortable!
I'm in love with this bag. I seriously am, it's so practical and a great size! It holds my wallet (the flat kind where there's no zipper), a glasses cleaning kit, tampons, 3 of my lip products, my car keys and some other things. Pretty much, my essentials. I don't like to carry unnecessary stuff, anyway so this works perfect! I have 2 children (2y and 1y) so crossbody bags is a must and I'm always looking to see which one fits my needs and this one has exceeded that. Also, one thing I actually don't like is that the side that hits my hip gets a little flat, you know, how it's rectangular shaped, wel it bends a little bit. It doesn't bother me like it kinda used to, anymore but just a warning (from experience)
Very comfy / durable sock. I'm pleased with my purchase.
Great wallet. Plenty of places for my credits cards and other cards. Love the flip out ID. The material is top notch. Thank you for a great, functional piece.
Hanes is my brand!
The Papi 3 Pack is an awesome deal! The fit is pretty good; the straps are comfortable, but the pouch could be better. Next time, I think I'd buy a cotton blend jock with a bit more elasticity more comfortable, better lasting, and better for working out in.
This was thicker than i thought it would be. Stretched out easily.
I made a mistake and meant to purchase Everlight shirts which are much more comfortable. Shirts are fine.
Loved the look on a girlfriend, so I ordered some and would have ordered even more for gifts. However, the cherry doesn't stay on the dangle. I can wear them around the house. I guess these days that's what we'll do anyway- ha!
Good shirts for the price.
Very clear sunglasses
bracelet is beautiful. great quote, silver is great. wish it fit all instead of fits most
Theyre super soft and fit perfectly on my toddler. The con is that theyre a little see through. Not what I wanted when I purposely got these to go under her dresses since shes now fully potty trained and wears undies.
It was okay
Very cute, shipped fast, high quality
Only drawback is the opening is small. So sometimes it is like playing tetris trying to get things in or out. That being said, I get constant compliments.
When my wife first came home she thought the black ones were skinny jeans. Very comfortable.
I have been searching for this style of bag for a few months as we travel a lot and my old crossbody bags havent held up. After going through too many bags, I knew I wanted a leather bag. I specifically wanted a bag that was durable, comfortable to carry, secure and could fit my camera and lens. As a professional photographer, my camera and lenses are a bit long and bulky. While I do have bags specifically made for all of our camera gear, I wanted a bag that I could just throw in one of my cameras with a zoom for the day, have it fit snug and not have to worry about it. I purchased this bag to try it out and am pleasantly surprised.

First impressions:
It looked smaller than what I was expecting. However, upon further inspection, I was very happy with the size. Its pretty perfect actually. Not at all bulky, but this bag can fit A LOT! I couldnt even believe it!

Stitching and Leather:
The stitching on my bag is good. However, the flap with the closure is not sewed on straight to the bag. Its not too noticeable from far away, but, as a buyer, I did notice this. And it is something that others have mentioned in their reviews as well. The point on the closure strap looks like its coming apart, but it isnt. It is a handmade bag and that portion doesnt look maybe glued down. I will be taking a further look at it and maybe fixing it or just leaving it. Its not noticeable from afar or too big of a deal.

I dont have to undo my closure each time - like a belt - as underneath it has a push lock closure. This may be an update, but I had seen someone elses review that showed a photo is this. This was a pleasant surprise as well as it allows for easier access.

Shoulder strap:
It feels thin but sturdy. Its adjustable and I feel its the perfect length as it provides a lot of options.

Front pocket:
Not many other reviews mentioned or photographed the front outer pocket. I love it. It fits my iPhone 7S Plus with a case and pop socket comfortably. And I could probably fit more. If I dont use it for my phone, it will fit my expo disc, extra camera battery and CF/SD card case.

Back zipper:
The back zipper is great. I love having this for added security while traveling. However, the inside lining of this portion of my bag must have been scraps of canvas as it has writings and markings all over it. I dont understand how this can be overseen. This was a let down and looks cheap and sloppy. On the other hand, the bag does have a lot of pluses so I didnt feel like this would merit taking a whole star away. But, it was disappointing, especially when youre so excited to have the bag in your hands...and then you see that. A bit of a let down and I hope the seller takes not of this.

The smell:
I was expecting so much worse after reading some of the reviews. Its actually a very light and pleasant smell of leather. Not overpowering at all. I actually love it.

The packaging:
Previous reviews mentioned a silk dust bag. This is not what I received. Mine is quite rough to the touch. Not a big deal. At least it brought a dust bag. Always a plus. The note with care instructions and information on the bag came on recycled paper and was a nice personal touch from seller.

All in all, I think and hope this is a bag will last me a very long time. I love the look and feel of it and also how well compartmentalized it is. It is comfortable for travel as well as every day. As a photographer and small business owner, Im happy to be supporting another small business with a passion for her craft. I would recommend this product.
I bought 501's. They came to me just like you would find them in a store with all the stickers on them. I did read that one person said they were thinner. I believe she is correct however, I would think this is the way they make them now. I don't order too many cloths as I wear a uniform to work. But I will order again. I paid $49.00 or so for them. I don't know if this is a good deal or not.
My 7 year old wanted a friendship necklace to give to her friend at school. It is cute and has held together well.
We would definitely recommend this necklace to everyone. I is nicely done.
Great product! Lots of credit card slots. Very nice wallet for the price and security with RFID blocking. Nice color! Great price!
I don't even get free stuff and I'm giving it a 5. I dropped my phone off of the treadmill and this glass saved my phone.
Great sunglasses, I will be buying more soon