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Fit as described.
Fits perfectly and good quality.
The fit was excellent and definitely true to size, great variety of color. The fabric was of medium weight and the overall construction of the underwear was excellent.
Great fit
Bought replacement belt for hubby!! He used for long time everyday to work...sturdy and excellent. Finally belt loop problem new belts arrived! Buy the belt
Fit and look very good for golf and for sport dressing.
Beautiful, looks very real. Lightweight but made well, worth the money, if not more!! Love!!!
it looks like what it is in the picture perfectly.
I'm very satisfied with these boxers. They are light and comfortable. I'd recommend them.
Matchs my old wallet, but is missing the zipped compartment behind the credit cards, I used it to store a spare key for my truck.
great product really worked out great
Gift lettering so small u cant read it
Simple and awesome. I don't take it off. No tarnish or discoloration.
Bought as a gift. Recipient liked it very much.
Great sunglasses a little tight on my head but looks great. Maybe I just have a big head.
Good quality and velcro adjustable, worked perfect for decorating at our summer party
This item was great at first but after I took it apart the first time to remove and replace a couple keys it would not properly screw back together. I haven't been able to use it since.
No real complaints here. This pair of Amazon Essentials cargo shorts is nothing special, but it fits as expected and build quality is quite good. The fabric feels on par with more expensive brands.
Amazing glasses for the money. Tint bubbled up and peeled off after just under a year. Still good value
Best socks ever. Fit, comfort, etc all good
Does not hold credit cards very well when in pants pocket.
Real genuine leather, nice buckle and very easy to switch belt colour. Shipping was fast too.
Pants were way to big.
Darn Tough socks are great! I can wear these on a hot day and be outside working, gardening or running and not have my feet and shoes feel or smell disgusting after a long day.

I've had the socks for over year now, and they're still great socks, and they don't show any wear and tear. Usually I'll go through socks in 8-16 months depending on use because I'm fairly active, but these socks are definitely keepers.

These socks cost a lot, but are great and have a lifetime warranty. Honestly I'm going to try and build up enough Darn Tough socks that I never have to buy socks again!
Love the quality, and the fact that the main zip look er is on the back of the backoack making it seem more secure. The color is great ( grey) i love this backpack.. however as to it being durable.. time will tell, i got a feeling im going to get lots of compliments on this one.. glad i got it
Great item! Great experience!
It fits as expected. It's pretty much as expected. It's soft and comfortable.
Not exactly stylish or anything, but it's great as golf shorts when going out to golf in hot sunny day.
The pocket size is good enough to carry divot fixer and tees on the left and 2-3 balls on the right.
The price is nice and I'm happy with it!
These are amazing. Super comfortable and fit perfectly. Love the deep pockets as well! For reference, Im 53 and 120 lbs and the smalls fit perfectly as expected