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The feel is very plastic but looks good for the price
Purchased as a gift. Recipient loved it.
Nice t shirts
NV reached out to fix the issue I was having. The response seemed very personal and I can appreciate that type of email.
Im happy I paid the extra to have a customer service team that actually cares about their product and customers.
Thanks again Nik, what you sent me has been absolutely perfect!
Got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he uses it all the time. He loves how thin it is and how easily he can get to his cards.
Made with real leather beautiful comes in several colors I chose black because it will go with some of my outfits
They fit as described
I loved the product. But after 5 months, the metal clip fell out and would not stay in.
Very Nice! got for MIL she liked it!
I like to wear these under sweaters and at work so I dont have to worry about reach up or bending over. I am 5 11 about 190lbs and orderes larges. When I first got them out of the package they seem extremely long, but after washing them the lengeth was better. The problem with them for me is there is no stretch along the bottom seam or along the neck and shoulder seam. My old ones of a different brand had some stretch which made putting them on easier. The first one I put on ripped at the shoulder seam. So I have to be a little my careful putting them on but when I do they work well. Fit is nice against the body and plenty of length to stay tucked in. Overall nice just wish they was some stretch at the seams to make getting on and off easier.
Works great when it's working. Only had it for a couple months, and one of the rivets that kept the buckle attatched fell out. Now it's pretty much useless.

Great belt otherwise, when it was working properly.


A new belt was sent to me to replace the broken buckle.
Love these scrubs. Super affordable and comfortable. I wear them every day to work my 12 hour shifts at the hospital and I couldnt be more pleased with them
love the perfect fit for my body
Niece loved it
Works perfect for my 15yr old son
Really nice soft fabric.
I love this wallet. It arrived on time and exactly as described.
Pants fit like normal. They stink like chemicals. Potash/sulfur. Fertilizer? It may be the dye. All I know is after 4 washes, they still smell, and made all my other laundry smell. For multiple washes. I will never buy pants on Amazon again.
The darker color seemed to smell worse than the light ones I ordered.
I bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas & she loves it. Great watch for a great price.
This was a gift for the granddaughter who stated she liked it.
Its good and on time.
These shirts are great.
Got it as a mother's day gift because my girlfriend is a coffee lover..she absolutely loved it
Hanes Classics have more padding than 'regular' Hanes found at discount stores, much more comfortable!
Bought this for 8 yr old granddaughter for Christmas. She loves it!
I especially like the velcro wristband. Makes it easy for her to put on and take off.
Used it as a prop for photography, works great!
As I need help driving at night, especially on rainy nights, I put these on and they are not bad. I see the best results at dusk, that twilight time as the sun sets. The difference is quite noticeable then, a real improvement in visibility. I'm not so sure about night, though. The jury is still out. We will be taking a trip cross country at some point and I will certainly put them to the test then.
Arrived broken. The corner of the lens is broken off. Didn't even get to wear them.
I'm normally an XLeven with tapered legs like these joggers have. The XL was no match for my thunder thighs, however, and with a return and an XXL upgrade, it was just right, but so form fitting that I knew I wouldn't be comfortable in them. Moving on to something better. (And they're definitely not Southpole brand, but that didn't bother me much. Just confirming others' complaints.)