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Great for the price!
This arrived on time , but it is very small and I didn't tike the quality of the Pendent.
To thin. Twists. Feels like the holes will not last.
Really like fit nice after washing wellade an comfy
These are nice socks. They stay up and breathe well. However, they're a little thin for boot socks. They won't fill up a boot like a true work sock, but would make great hot weather socks though.
era algo que estaba buscando; que me sintiera comodo
Fit well, comfortable... but there are tiny holes in a 2 pair of the red and black set.
Fits perfectly, very comfortable, and very durable.
Unfortunately this is a very poor quality bag. The zip broke in a few uses.
Love these glasses. I bought them because while driving at night or in rain I would get glare off of oncoming headlights. As I wear prescription glasses I needed glasses to fit over them. These work great. They fit over my regular glasses and are not bulky at all. I recommend them for anyone wanting to see better at night while wearing your own prescription glasses.
Pockets to small for phone. Have to put in main part in with all of my things I carry.
I love this! I use it as a purse, has plenty of room for my work tablet. Cute, stylish and durable. Highly recommend.
Great quality and great price
Size is perfect. Socks are very comfortable. Would recommend them especially for golf, tennis etc where the extra padding adds to comfort.
very cute bright colors
I love this clutch/cross-body bag. It's soft and really nice looking. It's just like the photo and I love the fact that I can carry like a clutch if I want or as a shoulder or cross-body bag.
This has become my everyday golf bag. It holds all the essentials that I need when J am on the course.
Hard to fasten.
Maybe should have read the description of these sweats a little better - they don't have pockets. Otherwise, great for the price. Super comfy.
I like these suspenders. They are good quality for the price. The material seems durable and the elastic is good. The clips on the front for adjusting are a nice touch that you don't really notice in the photograph. They are scalloped with a line of raised dots along the ridge. The clips on the back and front for attaching to the pants are sturdy. If you haven't used them before, they are clips with three pieces, the lower two have teeth that clamp on the pant and the third piece opens and closes the bottom two. I will have to use them over an extended period to determine what kind of wear they leave from the teeth, but I believe some wear is to be expected using the clamp-type suspenders over the button-type. These suspenders are good for work, not fancy, but they do add a nice touch to the clothes I'm wearing. I'd definitely recommend this product.
These are super cute. My daughter will be 4 in a little under 2 months and the 4T fit her pretty well. It hits right above the knees. The bottom part of the skirt twirls nicely and my daughter likes to twirl in it. They both have cute patterns and the cut is cute as well.
Only gripe is it's so hard to get the bucket through the pants! I love it though and it comes with an awesome hook chain.
I purchased these socks for my "quick dry" travel wardrobe. I have a set of travel clothes that I use when we will not have access to a laundry machine. This includes: shirts (most are from Columbia), pants (Columbia), men's undies (Ex Officio), socks, and a hat (Sunday Afternoons). The clothes are also light in weight (which helps to stay well under the airlines' weight restriction for checked luggage.) I will wash clothing in the hotel bathroom sink in the evening, wring the clothes out as best I can, and then hang clothes to dry overnight. I read that merino wool socks dry quicker than cotton crew socks, so I purchased these socks and also a few pairs of SmartWool socks. I have used them on a few trips now. Here is my experience:

1. Do these socks dry faster than cotton crew socks? Yes. The People Socks also dry a little quicker than the SmartWool brand of merino wool socks.
2. Do they dry overnight? My wife likes to keep our hotel room cool. The Columbia shirts and pants as well as the Ex Officio undies will be dry in the morning, but the merino wool socks do need a little more time than just overnight.
3. Comfort? Just as good as the regular cotton crew socks that I like to wear at home
4. Durability? So far so good. But as I said, I've used these on just a few vacation trips so far.
5. Storage? I have no idea whether moths like merino wool or not. Anyway, I store the socks in zip-lock plastic bags between our vacation trips.
well made
Everyone has been asking me where I got this bag. I love the design of it, and I also love that it has a shoulder strap. I am going to buy this in another color as well!
The best of design, materials and craftsmanship. And the most efficient use of space. You can't go wrong with this wallet!
this is a gift, looks just as pictured. Maybe even a little shinier than pictured. But highly recommend for the price.
My daughter lives this handbag. Perfect for going out!
Magnfico producto
I bought the 4 pack of shirts and liked the fit and quality so ordered another 4 pack a week later. I washed them and wore them and realized the fit and quality was not like the first ones. After comparing them to the first pack the second pack does not say Hanes anywhere on them and fit and quality is horrible. I could not return them because I had already washed them.