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Good buy
Using it for work, and they fit really well. If I end up needing more, or a smaller size, I'm returning to these, for sure.
I usually purchase Hanes products and never have issues but this particular item just did not fit right, they were way too big, the heal of the sock ended up being at my ankle, ended up returning them.
Second pair purchased
I got a big head... and they fit... so nice.
purchased it for my husband- he LOVES it!
Overall had a nice fit. Gave only 4 stars since it was a little long. I like wearing T shirts un tucked but this would be perfect for those that tuck shirts in.
Worked good for a trip abroad. Euro's are a little big in it but it worked good. I wouldn't use it as my everyday wallet but on a trip is OK.
I added 2 of these to a 2 ct. Erilio Solitaire (also available through Amazon) and loved the result so much that I just ordered 2 more sets that came today. I have 3 strong Pit Bulls and also got out of the habit of wearing my genuine 2 ct. wedding set when I worked as a lab technician for over 25+ years. So far, this has held up very well under the abuse that I subject my rings to.
Very good wallet with very generous room for cards and cash!
Ive been looking for a front wallet for the longest . I was strongly pass along the word if anyone seen my wallet and asked me where I got it .would be a perfect gift . I love everything about it!
I was really intrigued by the design of these underwear, but ended up being disappointed with the separation design. The dual pouch system doesn't really work for me most of the time. It's great if I'm standing in place not doing anything, but if I take more than a couple steps or just sit down, the separation ceases to exist and things need to be adjusted again when I stand back up. The fly design is much easier to use than the fly on more traditional style underwear. The feel of the fabric is great, and I continue to wear them for that alone.
great product
Great value.
I was expecting a darker grey, like gun metal, not girl metal. And you mention the purple frames. I should have stuck with black, and gone to academy.
Smaller than I expected.
Excelente producto, todo bien. Es como se describe me encanto, gente responsable es como lo describen en la publicacion supero mis espectativas
Gave as gifts to two graduates at church. One is 22 the other 10. They both loved them.

Will order again!!!
Very nice. Came with great box as well. Better than expected.
My husband loves this belt. He has had a few of them in different colors,
Bought this for my dad for Christmas because he was looking for a strong money clip that would hold a good amount of bills. Every time I see him he raves about it! He was going to use it just for travel but now has moved everything over to this. I read some warnings about magnetic strips becoming disabled on credit cards and such but he's never had an issue, even with hotel room keys. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a money clip!
Seem to run smaller than other shirts
I bought both a brown and a black, and so far they seem great. I would like for the release to be on the top (if the belt is ending to your left), but I quickly got used to the release being on the bottom. With the release on the bottom, the top edge of the buckle is not the most attractive, but not at all ugly. The buckle is a little larger than I want, but that is probably due to the mechanism, which works very well. I love the almost infinite adjustability of the belt. Just ignore the numbers on the back for sizing and cut to what you need. The same numbers on the two belts were about 2" apart. Older, conventional belts pull and distort over time due to the strain of the buckle, but these should not and should look really good throughout their life. As long as the buckle mechanism holds up as expected, this is going to be a great belt!
You can't complain about the quantity you get for the price but the quality is, as expected, questionable. There are a few necklaces of the 10 that I probably will wear and one or two more that I may wear after altering slightly by extending chain length. Most of the chains are not quite long enough to get the desired effect. Further, the chains do look a bit cheap up close and my not hold up for very long and the class on one broke almost immediately. Would not buy again. Gave three stars instead of less because I was not expecting great quality for this price and because I did get a few I will probably wear a least a couple times.
Great nighttime glasses! Works great.
WTF Levi's, WTF. I've bought and worn 505s for decades and have always been more than satisfied. I received these and right away noticed something wrong. They didn't feel right. Upon putting a pair on, as someone else posted, it felt like I was wearing light Khakis. Not not LL Bean's Khakis either, Khakis from Target.
I checked the labels of these 505s with my previous purchase and they were made in the same factory.
Whereas previous pairs of 505s were typically 12-14 oz. denim these felt more like 6-8 oz.
After a bit of research I'm not the only one that has come to this conclusion.
And why the hell did Levi's LOWER the waistband??????
After a bit more research I found that Wangler still males a lot of there jeans with 12-14 oz. denim. Bought some, love them.
Goodby Levi's, hello Wangler.

Update. I bought some 505s direct from Levi's and they are everything I expected. The only conclusion I can come to is the pairs I bought from Amazon were,counterfeit.
My husband had seen this item advertised on TV & decided to purchase it in black. He raved about it & knew immediately he wanted it in brown as well. He's completely satisfied with its comfort, style & quality.
Very roomy and love all the pockets . Every thing doesn't fall to the bottom .