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Buen precio
Do what they're needed for
Great product overall I get a lot of compliments. Only issue the material is easy to scratch but still work a 5 star review.
When i buy this shirt dont know the incredible and confortable are; now i know and recomended for all people
I bought a case awhile back and this wallet just so happens to Match. Its durability is great and it so cute
great product
These fit my hubby perfect! He loves them! He is around 170lbs and 6ft tall
Material is great for the price!
I have bought Ray Bans in the past and should have known better. They are designed for big heads, these included. I have had to bend the bows and narrow the bridge to make them work. They don't seem too good with the sun either. Overall, I would say I didn't choose wisely.
Is exactly like pictured
Love the fabrics, the size fit perfect on the hips, but is a little to long on the area of the crotch
Fit is good
I just love this wallet! I first bought it 6 months ago. It has so many compartments for my all my cards. It's small enough to fit into either a pocket or a small cross body bag. I have received many compliments on it and friends who admired it bought it for themselves. I recently reordered this as a gift for a friend.
The buckle appeared to be spray painted with silver paint so I returned it.
Straps are short and thin. Bag is pretty narrow, use it occasionally.
Happy with the quality and the price
This is a perfect fit for my small purse. I love it.
These are great quality for such a great price! They are adjustable so they fit my 5 year old and me!
it was a very nice bag. but i've had one of these bags for years and decided that it was time to replace.
my bag is about 4" wider than this one. i need the larger bag but i guess it isn't made any more
Not particularly thick but the pocket's in the right place. For the price [13.00] I have no complaint.
I sent of the picture which shows 2 black and 3 grey shirts. When I received them I received 3 black and 2 grey. I specifically bought these for the grey shirts. The shirts fit fine so I'll keep them but I feel like there was some fault advertising going on here!
It's a beautiful jewel but I was expecting it larger.
I get soo many compliments on the bag..the only flaw Is that it is not leather. It is another softer material that can easily rip otherwise very cute I use it as a purse and for school
Bought these for my husband, and he loves them. Comfortable and top quality.
soft, absorbent.
Not sure why I'm getting shoe fit questions with a wallet...Anyway, it seems to be pretty nice. Nice and small compared to my old bi-fold wallet, which I already carried in my front pocket or cargo pocket which most of my pants have, but makes front pocket carry more discreet, so maybe I can have less cargo/hiking pants. :D

It's a little hard to get the cards out. I hope it will loosen up the more it is used. It's certainly nice and small. On the "main" pull tab side, I have a credit card, two thinner laminated cards, and my drivers licence. On the other I have a Sam's club card (credit card thickness, but no raised numbers/letters), a supermarket card about CC thickness, two very thin, almost paper like info cards, and I've stuck two keychain sized "supermarket" cards, and a house key in the little pocket on that side as well. Also, a varying amount of cash. I'd really like to stick one more CC in there for backup, which I think it would fit, it would just be even harder to get out I assume.
Love everything about this purse neat an handy holds a lot of credit
Initially impressed, but not my go to pair. Probably only wore them a few times and now they sit in their case. Good as a backup pair. Quality vision for the $$
Runs a touch small but good value for $
Good material and well made. Fits all the cards I need and the entire wallet will slip easily into my front pocket. This is a great deal!
I usually wash my chlotes before wearing them, this one seemed to fit somewhat large, which is good because they shrink after wash. Unfortunately after washing it I found a bleach or soap stain in the middle of the chest.
Well, seems like I messed my polo. Will use while washing my car or doing home works.