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Two deer seasons in the mountains of western NC and it's still together and still water proof. I didn't expect it but there it is. Makes a great outer layer for cold weather, too. It it's too loud, you could try sitting still...might even help you see more deer! Wouldn't that be something? Skidoosh. youtubedotcom/briargoatkilla
Undershirts make the man, these work as intended and are pleasing to use.
I was super excited, was going to use this neck gaiter as a quick cheat, but it's not as pictured. I'm sure it works fine, but for my purposes I needed it to be exactly like it was pictured. instead it's a full face, not just from the nose down. If it was what I wanted/as pictured i would be giving it 5 stars. It's a great Gaiter, just not what i was looking for.
Its very nice but the plaque is almost always inverted. I love it anyway
Fits as expected
Good gift
You just can't beat these for the price. They last for a very long time and work well to keep your feet dry. Bought these several times over the years, highly recommended!
I like this robe, particularly the feel of the cotton fabric. The sleeves though, were shorter than ideal when I received the robe, and only got worse after washing, and shrinkage occurred. That said, I still do like the look of the robe and enjoy wearing it each morning--I just wish the sleeves were longer, and I'm not a tall or big guy, so this might be a bigger issue for some men.
Good work shirt, order a size smaller
good deal
These are the most comfortable, fashionable undies I've ever slipped into! The ventelation is great! The fit is better than expected! I will definetly be buying many more and leading many friends to buy them as well!
Great fit! Good quality. Would buy again.
Christmas gift
I have two travel size Baggalini's, simply the best and most durable bags I own. Ipad pocket is fantastic and fabric easily wipes clean.
Very good product I bought two also nice price
I like a lot the lenses and the model perfect
Awesome fit perfect!!!
Cheap material and cheaply made
Like I wasting money on Amazon...... these sizes are all wrong......
I have to re order smaller sizes..... feed up
Deserve a no star rating
Perfect fit and price.
Very cute! Larger than I expected. There is a small flaw on the stitching on the moon but for the price I am still happy with it.
Great fit at a great price!
Product is beautiful! I did receive the wrong item, but I received the correct one very quickly.
Too small for a medium size. Will be donating it out.
Too large.
Loved the clips. They held very well. Other than that, the suspenders were uncomfortable to wear and I had to return them. I hoped they would be like a pair of combat suspenders I had when I was in the army. Unfortunately, the straps rode too high up on the junction of my shoulder and my neck rather than further out on the shoulder. Also with the straps adjusted properly the adjustment buckle sat right on that same spot and dug in painfully. These might have worked well for a much much larger person, I dont know. They didnt work for me. Im 510 and 215 lbs
These were the perfect earings for my second piercing. They dont bother at all wont even notice they are there. They also do not irritate the ear at all.
I gave them to my nieces, these are more for young ladies, than women's but they are really nice.
Nice shoulder bag, very pleased with my purchase