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The gray color has fit perfectly and just fine but the black color has a larger fit than I expected. I find that I have to pull it up more because its much looser than the size advertised (XX), but I have been able to have the extra layer of warmth and comfort that I needed.
Looks great on my hubby and great price excellent quality
My new everyday bracelet!!!!!!!
looks better in person ship
Very nice hat but the M-L was a little tight. (my reg hat size 7 1/4)
These are super comfortable and I'm going to replace all my boxers to these.
These socks are just the right size. Compared to Gold Tops I've had, they are a better length in leg part--the Gold Tops were too short. However, they are not as soft and don't have quite the loft of the Gold Tops. They feel slightly scratchy to the touch, but then feel okay on your foot. I like the visual effect of the gray bottoms. I don't like the fact that they say "Hanes" in big red letters on the bottom. They didn't pay me to advertise the brand. Overall pleased, but I would still like to experiment more with alternate brands.
Met tatally expectations very comfortable. Bought 3 more
I usually wear 36 x 30 pants, and I'll have to say, these pants fit me quite well. A little snug in the crotch, as some reviewers before me have noted, but it isn't something that I notice after a few minutes of wearing it. Overall, it is very comfortable, and its resistance to wind and rain are perfect for both rainy and windy weather.

I've used this extensively only once last week while I was in Houston, TX, visiting family. We were at the backyard porch, standing outside in a chilly 35-degree weather (we were smoking, so we had to be outdoors). The wind -- which was quite strong -- easily penetrated my slacks, and the cold was painful to endure, even with my topwear perfect for the weather. My uncle had to go back inside and swap into a thicker sweater, while I did the same and wore the Rebel Roamer over my slacks.

End result: we had a nice and solid conversation for the next three hours afterward, and I was comfortable all the way.
The product was very cheap looking and feeling, I would not recommend it, go to Walgreens or K-Mart or 7-11 and get a cheap pair, they would be the same from the looks and feel of it.
good value
Great Present
This wallet is NOT real leather. It smells like chemicals and is obviously plastic. I don't understand how a seller can lie like that. I like the design, and the price, so will use it, but don't lie!!!
Very nice lightweight robe.
Nice fit....light weight....comfortable
I purchased this purse in red. The color is rich and vibrant, the material is light but super durable. The cross body design allows me to keep my purse on me while chasing my kids around. I have always felt like large bags are too big and I end up filling them with junk and small bags are too small. The size is perfect! I have had this bag for a few months, there is absolutely no wear even though it gets tossed around A LOT (I have included a pic of the bottom of my bag where purses tend to wear the most. NO WEAR, NO STAINS! and I am not gentle on this purse!). When/if my current purse wears out, I'm coming back for another! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
The grip is nice and tight and the cord is adjustable.
Should have ordered the xlarge
The socks look fine and appear of fine quality. BUT...I expect a new clothes smell and always wash new things in hot water first. These have such a strong awful odor, that I washed them 3 times and let them soak an hour the third time. The smell is still there. I made the mistake of mixing with other clothes on the second wash (Not the first in hot water) and all clothes in the load now have a less strong version of the nasty chemical smell. Scented fabric softener did nothing. I imagine smell will come out of my clothes after a few more washes, but not sure if the smell will every leave the socks! I will try soaking in baking soda this time, which was suggested online.
Fits perfectly
One of them came unhinged but other then that they are great
I am extremely surprised by the quality of this bag. It came in perfect condition, the color is the best shade of brown, and it is big enough to fit all the things you could need.
These shorts really look great. You can dress them up or down. They are really high quality.
Awesome belts. Will fit most guys because you cut them to size.
very comfortable sleeve length just right...nice material.
Great purse so far since I got it. Only thing is that because I have so many card it gets a little tight to take my card out and with so tight there is very little room for my cash. Other than that its a nice looking wallet for a small crossbody bag
When I first saw this little Heart necklace I put an order in right off. It was just what I was looking for to wear everyday in place of my larger pieces. I get so many compliments of "Oh how sweet" When It came I told my husband this is what you bought me for Valentines I'm ordering one for all my close family members. The packaging is surprisingly well done. When you gift this you're letting the receiver know that you love them enough to give them something special and personal
Mis-represented. What I received was NOT the good quality waist band as indicated on the photos. Big difference, these are poor quality.