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I need to know the size, 58 mm means?
These came exactly as they said. They are the most comfortable pair of glasses I own.
Me incanto
Bought 2 for my wife and myself. Both broke as on the picture attached
Fit perfectly, excellent color, and very lightweight frames. The polarized lenses work very well. So well, Im tempted to look at the sun at times.
Excellent deal.
These do not work.
So adorable I haven't taken it off
They work great.
Poor fabric.
Wallet has a very strong odor to it and the zipper won't zip every time you use it. Not really happy with my purchase.
Good belt.
These socks are soft but that's about all I can say good. They are very loose fitting. I've worn 2 pair and both had fuzz balls on them after and did not come off after washing.

I wore them with work boots, so the looseness of them made it comfortable. I continued to have to pull them up. This is something I've never dealt with before with the other socks I wear
When you add any cards in behind the money clip, it is so tight you cannot get money in the clip easily. It takes two hands to pry the clip open to fit any money. Also the stitching started coming undone after 3 months.
The white color doesn't have zipper it have several buttons instead wich is hard to close and annoying

Also i noticed the pants is from old stock the paper of packing is disclored due to time
This is my first time purshaseing this brand tee and it is a great tee shirt in every way it is soft yet not flimsy it doesnt have a hanging label at back of neck the sleeves are perfect the whole fit is perfect Im 5ft8in tall Im 165lbs and large fit me just perfectly I like the way the tee looks after a cold water wash and tumble dry on low temperature and lastly it shipped very quick! Im going to purchase some more in other colors.
Some sun shirts are too expensive. This is a quality one for the money, not MOST breathable fabric but does ok with a breeze and completely keeps the sun off of you.
It was cheap and it looks cheap. Not sure I would trust it with any pendant I don't want to loose, because it seems like it could break with one good sneeze. On the plus side, I needed a very short chain for layering, and I got one.
Dislike it was repackage with tape and sold to me.

Shipped on time and was a great price for it.
Light frame, clear lenses. Great product!
Great belt.
Cute for my lil one
Will reorders
Awesome very happy woth these
Very nice simple ring. Its also very shiny.
Very nice and good quality!
Perfect!!!! I couldnt say enough exactly like the one I got in college and its 2019 I was scared with the mixed reviews but I went for it
Wear it when the temp is below 40 digrees, face nice and warm up until 60 mph, but still keeps the schnoz warm enough
The credit card slots were outstanding sewn very effectively, and a separate coin holder pocket was included.
A very high quality Leather wallet and includes a zipper around the outside of wallet. I will many years of good service
and feel confident that credit cards and cash are secure.
Get two or more! They dry quickly, and just keep you cool in the worst of heat. Trust me Im a roofer so I know about heat!!