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I do like this bag very much, it is very soft, perfect size, has lots of pockets, places to tuck keys, phone etc. My only complaint is that the two little charm thingies that attach to the zippers on the front have BOTH popped off making it a little difficult to open those zippered areas. Was quite disappointed in that because otherwise I have no complaints. The hardest thing for me in ordering was trying to decide which color to order. I do like the white but could use a couple more! Just not sure if I would want to deal with the cheap zipper catches again. otherwise, a definite 5
Great look, light weight, good in bright light, I really like them.
Love them and went to buy more but they aren't available. Would have bought 5 more pair.
I've heard some polarized discussions about a local mural in my neighborhood, so I bought these and found them helpful for covering up some controversial imagery. I think both sides are happy now! Rocky Rische-Bairds mural, The Capture of Solid, The Escape of Soul (2006), also referred to as Ohlone mural, comments on the oppression of the Native American Ohlone people during the era of colonization. The mural is located on the side of Gaylords Café, on Piedmont Avenue, Oakland. In a photo-realistic style, it portrays the modern American society on the right interacting with the Ohlone people on the left. The industrialized America looks onto the Native Americans as they are being clothed by Spanish missionaries, killed by disease, and taken by conquistadors. However, despite Bairds good intentions to bring light to an ignored subject, he misses a crucial part of making public art for a communityasking them what they want. The mural caused protest from a Native American community for the depiction of the naked Native man as stereotypical and racist, but nevertheless, Baird completed his objective of sparking a dialogue in the community.

First, the artist is clear that he had good intentions when he created the piece. Baird wanted to bring light to an issue that is often ignored or erased. Since art is a neutral medium with neither evil or innocence, it can be used for any purposes, including ones that gentrify or promote violence. As Judith Baca points out, public art is commonly being used as a hand of war and militarization to normalize and glorify it. She claims that our common legacy in public art is derived from the cannon-in-the-park impulse. I see the Ohlone mural on the other end of this spectrum, trying to use art as a way to break down the violent and unjust history of the Ohlone people during the colonization era. Baird noted that he researched the history of Ohlone people for six months before he started, and also worked with Andrew Galvan, an Ohlone Indian descendant.

However, good intentions dont mean that artworks are automatically good and without their problems. Bairds identity as a white male artist already puts him in a very particular position of power, where he has the ability to depict Native Americans through his eyesthe dominant group. It is his ancestors after all who were responsible for the genocide of Native Americans. He may have been aware of his position since he spent so much dedicated time to research and made sure to work with an Ohlone man, but in the end he did not reach out to enough Native people. Baird did not call for a bigger community of Native Americans to ask their opinion on his artwork before he put it up. Days before the mural was unveiled, graffiti on piece read ignorance is no excuse for racism. And on the day of its opening, a group of Native American protesters gathered with signs reading Naked Indians = Racist Stereotype! and Where is the Native Community in Piedmont (Naked on the wall). Lucy Lippard writes that art is or should be generous. But artists can only give what they receive from their sources. If Baird had reached out to a bigger community of Native Americans for their input, he could have caught his mistake earlier, and even gotten more ideas from them. But he did not.

It must be acknowledged that when artists create political artwork, they cannot be perfect. Issues will come up that the artist may not have considered. What matters most is the way the artist reacts in response to criticisms of being problematic. In Bairds case, he encouraged feedback and disagreement from Native Americans who were not happy with the way he portrayed the Ohlone man. He says that the main intention of his work was to spark dialogue in the community about this brutal history of the treatment of Native Americans. In an article discussing a mural called American Nocturne, which depicts the lower half of a famous image of two black men being lynched, Svetlana Mintcheva describes the public outrage at the artwork. Some felt a sense of violation when they found out that it was part of such a graphic image, and some even went as far to call it racist; these people were mostly white. One may look at the Ohlone mural in a similar light, in how it portrays the oppression of a historically disenfranchised group in the United States, but gathers opposition against it. In the article, Mintcheva proclaims, let us consider the alternative: removing historic violence from public view and thereby keeping it away from contemporary public conversation. Though the naked depiction of the Ohlone man has its problems, the mural still does expose the hardships that Native people went through in the past. It is also important to note that Piedmont Avenue is a middle-class neighborhood with many white people who come to shop and eat, and that there is value to bringing this issue to a demographic who would commonly prefer to ignore it.

John Colapinto writes about a Chicago artist named Theaser Gates who uses art to uplift people within his own community. The success of his work is measured by its actual impact on the community. Although there are problems with how Baird depicts Native Americans, his work did create a dialogue in both the Piedmont Ave community and Native American community, and most importantly, the communities talked with each other. In conclusion, Baird invites criticism to his work and has achieved his primary goal of creating discourse about an ignored history.
Their fake glasses theyre decent quality. Works as designed. I dont know why they want me to write a review of this they just glasses.
Male gift.
Can't keep pants up with any weight in pockets.
Not much to add, It's a great purchase.
Great, thanks!!!
a little insubstantial and they kept wanting to slip up and roll off my thick skull. :)
Tried these on a hot day and lasted to noon, I wanted to like them because of reviews but the material was too slippery causing me to pull my shorts up constantly and they werent comfortable to me. I do see how they provide good ventilation in the crotch area though. This was like wearing those spandex bike shorts and I hate those too.. I Ended up getting some Hanes and Fruit of the loom breathable mesh ones from Target that have less polyester in the blend and they were way more comfy. Not gonna bother returning these.
Work fine for the price
I was pleasantly surprised with this hat. Fits well, looks good, and was a reasonable price. I even have a smaller than average head, still fits.
I only buy a wallet every 5 or so years. This was perfect and very good Quality.
My teenage boys like no shows socks- these are perfect!
Fit good. Great price!!
Must have!
I like this bag, however, I wish it was a little wider. All the pockets come in handy for keys, phone and etc.
Nice item especially for the price!
Easy to set, fun to play with and super cute. My 4 yo loves it. Do note that it is super easy to UNset too so if you're looking for something more for functional reasons be sure your kid will understand simple directions for which buttons to not push. My girl just loves being like older brother and dancing to the music and lights.
After each wear I have to dispose of the pair because of how badly it sheds and leaves lint and fuzz inside my footwear/Disappointed with Hanes brand.
I wear between Medium and large. I ordered this large and seemed like two of me can fit into it.
Cheap quality but functional
Wonderful wallet! It's all that the reviews said and more. I would definitely buy another one. Lots of card slots that you can easily get cards in and out of. Drivers License slot w/window is loose enough so you can easily get it out if you have to. Lovely smell of real leather & the color is beautiful (fuchsia). Everything about it is spot on!
Quality made and fits as expected.
I bought as a gift and was happily surprised. The quality of the leather was better than expected. He liked it :)
It's prettier than I anticipated. I'm certain my great granddaughter, who loves unicorns, will love it when she gets it Christmas.
Very compact wallet. Good quality of construction