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High quality, slim and providing easy access to bills, a few key credit/insurance/etc cards and driver's license. I keep my old, fat, George Costanza wallet at home as a storage place for all my other cards, but I haven't needed them yet. I love this wallet.
it is really well made, nice leather. I'm sure this purse will last years.
Although I had these earrings for years, they recently caused an allergic reaction. The reaction could be a change in my body chemistry but this has not happened with any other jewelry.
Still the best.
Good, even compression without being too tight at ankle. Excellent value too.
I got a second pair of these(different styles) to have in car. Love them and they do NOT feel cheap. I love not worrying about lossing an expensive pair of sunglasses. It is no fun to do that!
Exactly what I was expecting and my wife loved it. Great price and arrived on time
Great product! Nice looking handbag.
Very good quality. Strong but soft for wiping a face or blowing a nose.
Little large, but still okay for me. The quality and support without being overly thick is excellent. Also, they were not too tight like many other socks around the top. It took me a while to find socks like these.
Bag looks just like the picture. Decent quality. Well protected despite box damage. Would buy again.
Birthday Gift for Boyfriend!
He was thrilled! Out of the 3 different wallet styles I presented from other companies, he was the most happy with the wallet from your company.
nice pretty looking
Love this wallet! Amazing
Love these sunglasses!
Wanted to use this while riding the motorcycle. This only stays on my head from gravity. A knit beanie has more stretch to it. Guess a skull cap is my only option. Don't buy this if you aren't going to use something else to keep it on your head.
Very cute style. Might order more. They also come with a harder type case, cloth to clean and a soft bag type case as well. Very nicely packaged.
Nice heavy cotton. Maybe a little heavy for summer, but a great shirt.
Looks nice in person.
I admit it was pricey and the materials don't exactly match the price, I've gotten nicer bags at payless... but it's the brand I guess... but that gives me more reason to hope better from them. I have their travel toilette bag and love it but im kinda super disappointed with this...

Another thing is the strap is waaayyyyy wayyyy too short for any girls with boobs or a long torso, or even worse BOTH like me! I wanted to love this bag sooo bad :'( it's super cute except for that... it lays awkwardly above my hip... making me look oddly wide... and i'm already chunky... I like it below or on my butt... gonna try and get it lengthened at the tailor... more money spent and longer waiting for the perfect purse :'( seriously had it in my wishlist for a month
I really like the way these keep my toes from rubbing each other and prevent blisters! I will be buying more!
i love how comfortable these socks are. and how they look at the top. i prefer these over nikes
This is a amazing necklace so impressed how good it was after the cost but a few weeks later it snapped on me but other wise very good :)
The item was to small and I would like to return it
I loved it at first but within a couple of weeks the lace tore and now the plastic is torn at the top so you can easily drop your phone trying to put it in the sleeve. Don't waste your money.
Comfortable & stylish and it has pockets.
A top-quality product comparable to the BMW brand of automobiles. Good value and clean styling - just what I was looking for.
I was a little concerned as I purchased as a gift and didnt have time to return if wasnt as appeared.
Pleasantly surprised- very happy with workmanship. There was no box; however, there was a dainty little
pouch and the bracelet is just precious.
Always need a box or pouch with jewelry when gifting but the reviews were conflicting on the subject- presentation is everything.