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Wish it was available in wider sizes 13/8 and 11/2.
My toddler loves her peppa pig underwear. And for the price if one gets ruined I don't feel guilty for throwing them out.
It's been 4 years since I bought this product. Still rocking still protecting my eyes.
Very delicate and colorful. Very unique design.
My sisters and I love these
Good swim shorts and comfortable.
Took the time to read most of the reviews, zipper seemed to be an issue for some, (Not for me) do I never zip the top of my bags anyways. Great quality in this bag, sturdy well made, great looking, lite in weight but not to lite. Love the coffee color, all yr round bag especially for Calif. So happy I bought it.
Amazon, Thank You!
Cosplay as Fat Thor. They work. But I wouldn't wear them on the regular.
I am a little torn on how much I like these socks. They are definitely thin and cool for hot weather. The material on the inside of the heel keeps the back of the sock up, even when worn with my Keen hikers. After several uses, there is no sign of wear that leads me to believe they will be short-lived in their usefulness. My only problem is with the fit. After a wash cycle or two, they seem to constrict my toes too much to feel comfortable throughout the day. After 8-10 hours, I can't wait to get them off my feet. I wear size 10 shoes, so my foot is not the biggest. The constriction is felt across the top of the foot and in my toes. So, for fit and finish and wear through the normal workday, they are great. But I do enjoy wearing socks into the latter part of my day. I just can't wear these. Maybe the fitment claimed of 6-11 is stretched a little. I will have to see if a larger size is offered to solve my problem.
These look nice in person, almost high end. The buttoned pockets can get annoying but they are decent sized. The price is great but I hope Amazon makes a version with zipper pockets in the future.
I really like this bag-- it looks like real leather, and I get lots of compliments. Its also fairly sturdy and the straps are comfy. A win!
Very comfortable and great for everyday active lifestyle
Waist size is accurate. Legs were too tight to wear.
It gets tarnished quickly but my daughter loves it
I have bought many Rayban glasses in my life but particularly love the look of the classic aviators. Guaranteed instant cool for a reasonable price.
Perfect fit ordering 1 size up, little shrink, heavy and comfortable.
Perfect crossbody! Lots of pockets for organization which is a must for me! Plenty of space for a water bottle, phone, and light shirt (I typically use this to attend sporting events).
It's great if your looking for a very soft and thin shirt.
I love it! It's exactly what I needed and is 100% what I expected. This is not a 100$ purse, it's clearly factory made but it functions just fine. I can fit my stun gun, wallet, umbrella and phone all in here perfectly. I need a white one when I'm in more of an Artemis modd.
Very cute, fun, and good quality. Not just for young gals. I love wearing these little earrings. Casual or for accent.
The zipper was missing the zipper pull. Overall a nice bag.
Would recommend. High quality and affordable
Received fake product. Really bad craftsmanship. It happens to many people recently.
Absolute junk. If you re looking for a legitimate pair of aviators, these ARE NOT the pair. These glasses are light as a feather. They feel as if they are made from tinfoil. These glasses look good, but are maybe the lightest weight construction of any item Ive ever owned.
husband wears these a lot, very comfortable
theys fit fine