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custom t shirt custom tags

My girlfriend loves them she wears all the time
Great product, great price.
Only 2 out of the 5 boxers are soft and feel like a cotton blend. The other 3 are maybe 5% cotton and feel scratchy and uncomfortable. I cannot use these 3. Only can use 2 of them. Very disappointed and false advertising :(
Great sunglasses at a great price
Really pretty, but the backside is just the flat silver backing, and not a 360 view, so it doesn't look as pretty when it flips over when you move around. But other than that it's very pretty.
I never thought I'd be so thrilled with a wallet as I am with this one. I'm really pleased with the minimalist decision and the fact it can only hold a few cards, because it made me toss out a lot of unnecessary junk I was lugging around in my old wallet. Granted, I could let go of a lot of these things (i.e. old punch cards, expired insurance cards). If you absolutely need to have a lot of cards and cash on you at all times, perhaps this isn't the best pick. But if you're looking for a light wallet you'll hardly feel in your pocket, this is a great pick.
Seems rugged enough . Much better than the plastic alternatives.
Unfortunately I didnt look good in the hat lol, but overall the hat is great material and very stylish! Definitely worth the buy!
As described and great quality.
Love them fit perfect. Honey's clothes has no legs.
I only bought one as I wasn't sure what I was getting. I bought XL Green and it fit perfectly. The quality is very good for the price range. I will buy another. They are a part of my sleepware.
Nice item for the price. It has just two side seam pockets, but they are deep enough for items not to fall out.
Thick comfy and warm.
This was the first time I tried Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs and I was pleasantly surprised. It compares favorably with the "Big" brands and they cost less. One side bar and that is get a size larger than you normally purchase.
This is my first pair of suspender so I have limited experience.

Price is excellent (shipping included)
Very adjustable
Clips have nice teeth to them
Very good alternative to a belt
Ladies at work say I look classy

Teeth are so good they can snag the bungee nylon material
You have to get the levers just right to open the teeth fully

As I get more experience in with these I will update this review.
This wallet works great for me. Have had it for a couple of days now. It's not rigid material, and not soft either. Lots of compartments, all my cards slide easily in and out and the cash area fits bills perfectly. I got the "carbon fiber" design and I really like the way it looks.
the socks that I prefer
Fits a little tight on the sides
Earring tuners is not good
This isn't my first pair of Shrink-to-fit 501s so I knew what I was going to get when I ordered them. After soaking in a tub for an hour and letting them air dry they are exactly what I needed in a new pair.
nice product
Fabric was plastic-y, slightly better than swim trunks. Hathaway provides cloth boxers with slightly better cost per pair.
Very well made
leather is soft, not a struggle to get cards in and out
feels like it will last
These are the best glasses weve ever had I bought them for myself and my husband has taken them and he loves them better than any others weve tried
Fit well and are very warm.
I would give Zero if I can, poor quality.
These do cause a fair amount of "Toe Jam" or leave behind a lot of fuzz.
Good socks. Fit as expected.